German porn star Kitty Blair is looking for a new platform to espouse her racist views after being kicked out of National Democratic Party for filming an orgy scene that included a black man in a flick entitled Kitty Discovers Sperm.

Blair, real name, Ina Groll, was the face of the NPD, an organization described as anti-Semitic, racist and xenophobic.

When the news got out about the sex scene a Facebook campaign was started to kick Blair out of the NDP.

Those who sell their body for money and disgrace their race have no place in our party,” one poster wrote.

NPD leaders agreed and gave Blair the boot.

The porn industry has also turned it’s back on Blair.

In the porn film industry, we welcome participants with all skin colors, and all nationalities, but we don’t welcome Nazis,John Thompson, head of the Berlin porn film company GGG said.

If we had known about her political activities, we would have sent her home straight away.

Thompson‘s sentiments were echoed by Axel Schaffrath;

 “The popular view is that she needs to be locked up, no one needs someone like her with her perverted view of the world,

Schaffrath told Central European News. “She certainly has no chance of filming any more movies after her Nazi links were revealed.

I personally advised the producers to keep her as far away as possible, people like her need to be ignored by everyone.

Blair is not backing down from her views despite the controversy. A translation from a March 27 post on her Facebook page reads:

It is time to worry, what political change needed is to ours, and above all the future of our children, both to offer warranty as also the social safeguards of the older generation of our people.

We want to preserve Germany as a land of Germans, want to retain our identity and fight against mass immigration.

It is enough!

Criminal aliens and social parasites out of our country and back to their homes!


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