The United States Military is conducting a formal investigation over what appears to be American soldiers burning dead bodies of Iraqi insurgents.

The American soldiers who were photographed last year burning the bodies of Iraqi insurgents now say they were just following orders after the bodies started literally exploding in the streets.

The photos first obtained showed a horrific death scene … U.S. troops dousing and burning corpses in Fallujah back in 2004.

The story triggered a military investigation, but sources say no disciplinary action was taken.

Portions of the investigative file have now been made public, and one Marine told investigators the temp in Iraq at the time was a scorching 135 degrees and the carcasses were exploding in the streets from the heat.

They decided the only course of action was to burn the bodies.

The Marine said that the troops could literally taste the corpses because the smell was so awful, and it lowered morale.

There were other reasons too. Starving wild dogs often attacked troops as they fed on the dead.


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