Irv Gotti & Ashley Martelle


A video footage of Ashley Martelle performing oral on Snapchat surfaced online.

Ashley is known for flooding her Instagram page with coupled up shots alongside Irv Gotti who happens to be her boyfriend at the moment.

A few hours later she addressed the issue, claiming she was hacked and the person in the video with her was not Irv…but many didn’t believe her.

They felt she was covering up for Irv because social media trolls were mocking the size of the …

What She Said Below.

If someone keeps trying to log into your email and all social accounts, can any legal action take place? I’m just tired of this.

Lastnight an old video of me was put out into the world and I can’t tell you how embarrassed I am. In over a period of time I’ve been dealing with hacking w my snapchat and my emails. I haven’t slept all night trying to clear things up with snap on how to get my account back and also my iCloud. That video was not meant for the public but for only me and my ex which is causing conflicts with my current relationship with Irv.

Everyone makes and I’m working on fixing things and making everything right. It was on old video and I hope everyone can move on from this. The last time I was hacked they were trying to get people to send them money.. I’m reconsidering all my social media accounts because of this and It’s just not worth it.

Ashley Martelle Response


Murder Inc. CEO Irv Gotti‘s girlfriend model Ashley Martelle has shocked Snapchat users this week with x-rated footage now going viral.

Footage has surfaced of Martelle performing oral on the widely popular social media app.

Well, we now see why he can’t get enough of Mrs. Ashley. It seems she’s down for anything including going down on him on snapchat for the world to see. No, she’s not wifey with a ring but they’ve been dating for awhile now.

Ashley is known for flooding her Instagram page with coupled up shots alongside Gotti.

Buzz developed last spring about Gotti and Martelle dating.

Irv Gotti is head over heels with Ashley Martelle, aka “the white Taz Angel“… When Ashley left the Angels months ago we wondered what she was up to.

Guess we know now.

Link To View The VIDEO HERE. Viewers Discretion Advised.

Credits: The Shade Room


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