A video showing the Legendary Producer Sarz in the studio with E.M.E’s Wizkid during the making of the Beat/Song of Life – Samba surfaced online recently.

Well, the song has leaked and as expected ..they did perfect justice.

Available For Download Below! Samba!

[audio http://api.ning.com/files/1UBqyWTFJ7fcxIMfcnzOSFRodwVksiehbHNxX7MdEJ6BQNDfyivZucpBH1PDvSxUkYwQTVvXHXGhS-wzEumPDrMY4d*Cdodm/Sarzft.WizkidSambaSongofLife.mp3]

Samba [Song of Life] – Download Here


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