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Babcock University 2015/2016 Increases Undergraduate Tuition/School Fees; Students React

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“Dear Beloved Babcock Students,

We outlined all our plights, made robust presentation as to why the timing is absurd, the increase is insensitive and students will not be able to resume!

It was a back and forth struggle that lasted almost 4 hours!

At the end, he promised to return back his board.

We remain  hopeful and continue to insist students must wait until parents have come and defended their stand!

Those that are happy to pay the millions should go ahead but those that remain united with us, let our parents come and join us in this struggle as BUSA cannot hold the frontline alone.

Remember the date is 8th September, 11am.

Our parents must join us.”

BUSA (Babcock University Students Association) cares.


Babcock University unveiled the schools new Undergraduate Tuition fees today and students have literally been unhappy about it.

Some of Their Tweets Below..

“Dear Babcock, what are you teaching us Edakun.This increase is toooo much. Our parents are not plucking money ??????”

“Lol but this is just wickedness. How can Babcock do this to people”

“Your parents can disown you if you get extra year with this new Babcock fees.”

“1 million as school fee!!!!! am i schooling on the moon. Babcock did you not hear Nigeria is broke. #saynotobabcockfees”

“No no no… Babcock has just finished some people’s career #saynotobabcockfees”

“This is just messed up!!!I’ll be paying this much and still not have my freedom!!God will definitely punish BABCOCK UNIVERSITY!!!”

“Please Babcock, in whatever you do, DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT INCREASE PRICE OF MOI MOI ??? plix dnt do this ?????”

“Babcock people say a prayer for your school . Hashtag no go do anything for now #saynotobabcockfees”

“And we are still going to buy books with our own money. Babcock. This is fucked up! ???? “

“So many fathers wld turn to hon Patrick obahiagbon when dey see d fees “this is a salary cabla senterobosirobo nd very lugubrious ” #babcock”

“”₦922,000 tuition fee(yearly) for Mass communication students in Babcock university..” | That money is enough to ‘make it’ in this life sef!”

“My father is going to disown me when he finds out about the increment of fees in babcock??”

“As a babcock student I think I speak for a lot of people when I say this school fees increase thing is just completely evil *sigh*”

“Ooni of Ife”@Femi_OL: Wholup wholup…Babcock fees…2.5 million??…Jesus Christ of Bethlehem ????”

“Pho***: Gee i don enter music oooo RT @el_xxx: Lmaoo. Bro you paying 3m RT Pho***: Is this babcock thing affecting we medical students?””

” I’m no longer in babcock, but the school fees is outrageous, not everybody is a rich kid #SayNoToBabcockFees””

“They have turn our parents to bank ooo!! Babcock with their ill mannered stupid staff, crappy light, what is inside 4 man room na Gold”

“I have headache o ooo Babcock has killed me!!! Who is the possessed VC! Abeggg they should keep their babrite and cafe thrash”

“Please if you thinking of coming to babcock please better change your mind asap:'( :'( || dem wan build london for the school ni noooo”

“Afta dis online protest against Babcock fees, evry1 is gng 2 cm bk 2 scl like notn hppnd. Just complain in their rooms. #SayNoToBabcockFees”

“Beht I didn’t know people were paying 500k in this same Babcock. Since I entered I’ve never paid less than 750??”

“Shey constant light and water is included in this package #Babcock!”

“Babcock University will soon give someone’s father a stroke ��������””

“To all Babcock students, Buhari be like – I’m sorry but I don’t think I can fix this – #babcock “

“Thank God I left Babcock before this rubbish”

I am just tired to the extreme of Babcock”

“??? been seeing a lot of ‘thank God I left Babcock’ tweets, na lie, u no left anything? we knw d truth”

The Increased Fees Below..


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