Kaicyre Palmers (4)

Beautiful women with normal day jobs seems to be the internet’s favorite topic these days.

Nurse is the newest occupation to join the list thanks to the jaw-droppingly sexy Kaicyre Palmers.

Kaicyre Palmers (7)

Palmers, a New York City nurse who studies at NYU, has amassed over 170,000 followers on Instagram who comment saying they’d contract Ebola just so she would take care of them and other thirst-ridden things.

The world class traveler has posted hot photos in Turks and Caicos, Bali, and Puerto Rico.

Kaicyre Palmers

And although she may be making bank at both of her jobs, affording her a jetsetter lifestyle, Palmer’s aspirational Instagram bio reads: Don’t chase the paper..chase the Dream.

More Photos of Kaicyre Palmers Below..

Kaicyre Palmers (5)

Kaicyre Palmers (6)

Kaicyre Palmers (3)

Kaicyre Palmers (2)

Kaicyre Palmers (1)

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