Popular Lagos Billionaire Business man, Global Fleet Group Chairman, Jimoh Ibrahim, 44, who is into aviation, insurance, oil and gas, media, banking, properties etc, is set to open his 34-Floor Hotel in Dubai, where he also owns and rents over 50 flats in the city’s very exclusive area.

Acquiring the hotel was said to have cost the billionaire, who owns the only university in Sao Tome, at least half a billion dollars and will be opened in February, 2012.

Jimoh Ibrahim also recently bought a hotel in Budapest in Hungary; that’s plus the very many posh hotels he owns in Lagos; that’s plus the banks (Energy Bank) he owns in Accra Ghana; that’s plus owning National Mirror newspaper and Newswatch magazine; that’s plus owing Air Nigeria and Nicon Insurance…and many more businesses.

…Made Man !!!


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