Yoooooo! Fellas sup? This Week on Campus Heat ‘s Blazing Friday, We’ve got your boy ICE PRINCE of Chocolate City in the Building with his Debut Joint OLEKU featuring his uber-talented label mate BRYMO !

The Last Edition of Blazing Friday featured one of the Hottest Jamz in Gidi atm ..MR ENDOWED REMIX by D’Banj & the American Rap Legend Snoop Dogg ..You can view that HERE

As usual we hooking you up with the VIDEO, VIDEO + AUDIO Download Links and the Lyrics to the JAM..Yup! Ts our way of saying a lil Thank You for showing Campus Heat’s Blazing Friday LOVE :) !

Lyrics, Audio + Video Download Links are posted below
… #Enjoy !
Download Audio Here

Download Video Here

Song Lyrics
Oleku… Tell me somethin wey i no fit do
Mio gbo po gbo po gbo po malo tu
Monini monin.. Modeji modeji
I hope u ready coz its oleku

She feeling the boy ye
She feeling she feeling the boy ye ye (4times)

Verse 1 (Ice Prince)
I’m so interesting…./ is why they say that I’m the next thing/ see even on features I’m impressing/ people do hate but ima flexing/ I learnt the lesson/ they throw me shots but ima chestin/ I’m far from pop my pop is resting/ my flow so bad my tongue is vexing/ no one is testin/ I’m best by far is what I’m guesing/ 1 2 3 I win like wrestling/ how can i loose I’m with the best team../ I’m the boy with the fire/ and djs gimme more spin than a tyre/ seen it all, done it all, sang in a choir/ feeling like I’m tenor here only go higher/

Verse 2 (Ice Prince)
Its so exciting…/ The games been dark but I’m igniting/ positive flow I’m so attracting/ whether freestyles or even writing/ I put my life in/ the bread don’t cut i put the knife in/ my left hand weak i put the right in/ and take my bars from J to brighton/ I see the lightening/ I knw sometimes the rain is fritening/ no matter how hard, the seed is ripening/ so when u hear Icey princey hype him/ I don try plenty/ I dey rap I dey sing I dey come MC/ there’s too many songs and i neva empty/ na u chop stone if u want tempt me/

Verse 3 (Ice Prince)
I’m so contageous/ and no ones done this good in ages/ I put my foot in hell courageous/ too many verse like bible pages/ and I hope they play this/ so i can grow up frm low to apex/ until my account is fat and shapeless/ too many songs but mine is latest/ so love or hate this/ am getting my cake am on the cake list/ beating my chest am on the ape list/ u shld be honoured and bow to greatness/ see ma names gettin famous/ my teams fire mehnn u cannot flame this/ na baba God work u cannot blame us/ its in vein wen hataz try aim us/

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