Bobby Shmurda

Bobby Shmurda and his GS9 Crew have been in the news all week after they were arrested outside of Quad Studios in New York.

Shmurda is facing 5 charges, on 8 counts, that include conspiracy to commit 2nd degree murder, weapons and narcotics charges.

Shmurda is being held on a $2 million bail and his label Epic Records claims they will help him make bail.

The all of the alleged charges against Bobby Shmurda are listed below.

– He was present when shots were fired in the vicinity of the Brooklyn Supreme Court Building in January 2013.

– In a telephone conversation, he told another gang member that he shot a member of a rival gang in May 2013.

– He was involved in the sale of narcotics, including the sale of crack-cocaine.

– In a phone conversation, another gang member alleged that Shmurda was carrying two guns, saying, “Your boy Bobby out here with 2 CDs [code for guns] on him like he in the wild wild west or something.” This was April 2014.

– In a phone conversation, Shmurda accuses another gang member of hurting the narcotics business by being too aggressive with members of a rival gang. “He movin’ aggressive and you can’t do that when you tryin’ to make money,” he said in May 2014.

– He shot into a crowd of people, shattering a barber shop window, in June 2014. A string of calls between other GS9 guys suggests that he had been pretending to shoot one of their own.

– Shmurda was arrested with another gang member for possession of two guns and narcotics paraphernalia in June 2014.

– A telephone conversation between two GS9 gang members suggests that Shmurda’s family in New York were a source for firearms. (Fader)

Fellow rapper Meek Mill – who was recently released from jail himself – offered some insight into the Brooklyn rapper’s current situation.

Meek Mill

Condemning those who took to social networks with jokes regarding Bobby’s arrest, Meek stated that the 20-year-old was misguided. He also revealed that he spoke to Bobby the night before he was apprehended by police.

He also defended his own musical content, writing that he ultimately encourages young kids to follow their dreams:

“Bobby was a kid that was misguided “a kid”and I watched people get on the Internet and laugh at him.When did this become cool for our people.

I spent the whole night b4 talking 2 bobby about surroundings and choices….I I’ll do it for any kid tryna make it out no matter the race!

You ask these younger kids what I truly represent they gone tell you “chasing ya dream” “becoming something” & “saving friends and Fam”

Ima continue to rap about what I want…bcuz people are still going through real shit and it’s people that still wanna understand it!”

Taylor Gang‘s Wiz Khalifa who recently made the news for copping a SiCK new Bugatti also sent some tweets out for the Rapper.

Wiz Khalifa (New)

What He Said Below..

“Don’t judge Bobby. He has enough people to do that. Instead pray and send positive energy for him and his situation.

The cycle of how they treat young entertainers repeats itself. He’ll overcome this the same way I did.

I got locked up early in my career as well so I know the feeling.

No tweets. Just the energy in the universe. Put more positive out than negative.”


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