A FORMER Brazilian beauty queen has posted a shocking video online of her bruised and bloodied face after allegedly being brutally beaten by her ex-husband.

Sobbing into the camera and bleeding from her nose and mouth, Renata Lustosa, 27, claimed that this was not the first time she has suffered domestic abuse by her former partner.

The harrowing footage uploaded onto Instagram last Thursday 24 shocked her 7,000 followers, and has since caused uproar across the South American nation.

Renata, a former Miss Piauí in 2011 and Miss Bahia in 2007, now works as a model and beauty therapist.


In the recording, she appeared distressed and tearful with red marks around her neck and a bruise on her left cheek.

The anguish of her situation was evident as she rubbed her forehead in desperation and told how her two-year-old son allegedly witnessed the vicious assault by his father, identified as Leonardo Ramos Henriques.

Renata who lives in Teixeira de Freitas, north east Brazil, said: “Once again I have suffered physical aggression over a trivial matter, arguments and lies.

“But it doesn’t matter whether I am wrong or he is wrong, nothing justifies a man beating a woman, nothing, nothing, nothing.

On this picture she writes: “We need to punish these abusers more severely”


Detective Andressa Carvalho at the Special Police Station for the Protection of Women said:

“We received the video on Friday morning and searched our records to see if the victim had made any previous complaints.

“None have been registered. Based on what we saw, we decided to call her in.”

According to Renata, the assault happened last Wednesday night while the couple, who are separated, were arguing over custody of their child.

The accused, who is a businessman, is alleged to have beaten Renata in front of their son.


Renata revealed that the toddler tried to intervene in the attack to “save his mother”.

She said: “My son witnessed the aggression and tried to protect me. He was scratched and left very frightened while trying to separate us.”

She claimed that during their eight-year relationship, Mr Henrique had subjected her to years of “physical and psychological abuse”.


She said the violence increased when she fell pregnant and intensified when they separated a year after their child was born.

Renata said: “The attacks began when we started dating and for a long time it was mild aggression such as slapping and shoving and I would just let it go.

“But when we began living together, he would hit me and slap me in the face even with the baby in my lap.

“I decided to separate because of the attacks but I was too afraid to complain because he always made death threats when I said I was going to the police.

“He said that if he was arrested he would come after me and kill me,” she said.

However, after the video went viral and came to police attention, Renata said: “I found the courage to talk.

“I decided to report the abuse because I received a lot of support and messages from many people.

She later added: “I did the right thing. Women must not be silent in the face of their abusers.

“We must teach our children to respect women and it must come from the parents.

“We must teach respect, equality and love.”

Gine Alberta Kinjyo, Mr Henriques lawyer said the charges against his client were false and he would mount a robust defence with alibis to support the case.

Brazil’s Maria da Penha Law aims to protect women victims from domestic violence in the home and family environment.

The legislation which marks ten years this year since its introduction, is hailed by the United Nations as one of the most advanced laws tackling gender-based aggression with far-reaching measures, such as special police stations for women, refuge shelters, domestic violence courts with dedicated judges, a 24-hour helpline and specialised health care and social centres for supporting victims.

Credits: The Sun UK


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