A Brit Banker accused of murdering two sex workers in his swanky Hong Kong apartment filmed himself torturing one of them for three days, a court heard today.

Rurik Jutting, 31, is then said to have made her lick a toilet before sawing through her neck, dismembered her body before stuffing her into a suitcase.


His trial started this morning at Hong Kong‘s High Court and he appeared in the dock considerably thinner than his Facebook pictures, surrounded by four prison guards.

Clean shaven and dressed in an open-necked blue shirt, Jutting stood as he pleaded not guilty to murder but guilty to manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility.

He also pleaded guilty to a third charge of preventing lawful burial of a body.

Addressing the jury panel deputy High Court judge Stuart-Moore said:

“The evidence in this case is extremely disturbing” adding that what they would see and hear was “shocking”.


He went on: “The defendant filmed himself on his iPhone as he tortured his victims.

“He recorded on his iPhone much of what he did to these people that he had killed.”

Several jurors asked to be excused saying they were not happy with seeing the graphic evidence.

A nine panel jury of four women and five men was eventually selected with the judge telling them he hoped they “wouldn’t have any nightmares.”

A video showing Jutting next to the corpses of victims Sumarti Ningsih, 25, and Seneng Mujiasih, 30, will be played to the court in a trial which is expected to last ten days.

The alarm was raised after neighbours reported blood dripping from the balcony of his high rise apartment close to Hong Kong’s seedy Wan Chai district.

Reading said Sumarti was tortured with pliers, sex toys and a belt for three days at Jutting’s apartment in Wan Chai – where expensive homes lie close to a red-light district.


He told the court:

“After torturing her for three days, he took her into the bathroom, had her kneel in front of the toilet bowl and, with her hands tied behind her back with his belt, made her lick the toilet bowl.

“Then he cut her throat with a serrated-edged knife.

“She did not immediately die so he dragged her into the shower and continued to saw through her neck until she was dead.”

Sumarti who was in Hong Kong on a visitor visa, had sex with Jutting on a previous occasion at a hotel for an amount of money, Reading said, but had offered to refund half the cash to be allowed to leave early, because he treated her violently.


She had reluctantly agreed to meet Jutting again on 26 October when he offered her another amount of money which was not specified.

After she was killed, her body was wrapped in plastic sheets and blankets, and put inside a suitcase, Reading said.

Jutting recorded footage describing how he had enjoyed the killing and saying he could not have done it without using cocaine.

Late on October 31, Jutting met Seneng at a bar in Wan Chai and brought her home after offering her money for sex – they had never met before, said Reading.

Seneng was in Hong Kong on a domestic helper visa, he said.

Before going out to meet her, Jutting hid two knives under sofa cushions. He had also bought a small blowtorch, plastic ties and a hammer, Reading said.

“In one of his interviews with the police, the accused explained how he went out that evening hunting for prey, and that Seneng was his prey,” Reading said.

Jutting cut her throat that night.

When police arrived after Jutting called them, they discovered her body in a pool of blood in the living room, said Reading.

Police officer Hong Kin-yip said Seneng was face down in the living room, naked and had cuts to her neck and buttocks.

Ningsih’s body was found hours later in a suitcase on the balcony.

Jutting shook his head in court as a recording was played of his call to police, during which he said Special Forces were outside his apartment.

“Obviously bad stuff has happened,” Jutting said in the recording.

Jutting told police that he had taken the last of his cocaine and was hallucinating, Reading said.

Sex toys, cocaine and a knife were recovered by police and a source said the video seized from Jutting’s flat showed him calmly talking to the camera about what he had done to the women.

A source on the case told The Sun said:

“This is a particularly horrific crime and the jury will have to have strong stomachs. Some of the evidence is truly appalling and will shock those involved.

”It certainly left some of the officers involved in the case very traumatised and these are people who have dealt with Triad gangs and underworld murders. What he did to those two poor girls was horrific.

”At least one died very quickly thankfully but the other poor girl was still alive despite terrible injuries, although she died eventually.”

Jutting quit his £350,000 a year job at Merrill Lynch days before the murders, leaving an out-of-office voicemail saying:

“For urgent inquiries, or indeed any inquiries, please contact someone who is not an insane psychopath”.

Following extensive psychiatric tests, he was deemed mentally fit to stand trial last year.

Jutting, originally from leafy Cobham, Surrey, has been on remand in the former British colony ever since his arrest in November 2014.

His parents Helen and Graham, have sold their Grade II listed Surrey home to help fund his legal fees and are expected to attend the trial at Hong Kong‘s central court.

Jutting, who graduated from Peterhouse College, Cambridge, in 2005, moved to Hong Kong three years ago and was regularly spotted in lap dancing clubs splashing his money on call girls.

He also regularly flew to the Philippines where he spent the weekend in Angeles City – dubbed Sin City because of its bars and sex workers who prey on cash-loaded foreign tourists.

The case continues.

Credits: The Sun UK


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