Naturally, we sought her reaction to reports that she was paid $10,000 for a sex scene with a dog in a movie. She obviously expected the question.
“I am still stunned myself and I’m still going to sue the writer of the false story because I never slept with a dog neither did I pose nude with a dog on a set,” was her immediate answer.

She continued: “I sincerely don’t know where this is coming from because I have started tracing it and I believe I would definitely get to the root of this.

“What I can specifically say about the whole thing is that I acted in a film entitled Itohan sometime between 2001 and 2002 with director Chico Ejiro while the producer of the film is Lucky Ewa. The film is about a prostitute who eventually regretted her trade but died of AIDS. She even slept with a dog in the film. I played the role of the lady, but only acted like a prostitute with clothes on. That was it.

“Shots were taken during the shooting, and I guess that is where they got the pictures that are being circulated. I have called the producers of the flick and they denied giving out the pictures.”

She also have words about the producers of the film: “I learnt that Chico Ejiro is saying he can’t remember shooting the flick with me in it. It was on the set of that film that his wife just hated my sight and I didn’t know why but there was nothing I could do because I was only doing my job and I was a greenhorn then.

“I was later told at the location that she doesn’t like my sight because Chico Ejiro loves ladies with big boobs.

“I don’t know why they are all making lies out of what is not, it was just a scene playing with a dog and nothing like having sex with a dog or posing nude with the dog. I only acted for one year before I was banned in 2002 when people stopped giving me roles.

“For the records, I don’t mess around with people I work with and neither do I just jump into people’s bed like it is believed by many. I have never dated any film producer or journalist and I don’t know why someone is just out to malign me for no just cause.”

When contacted, Chico Ejiro simply said: “I was hired to work on the set of Itohan just like Cossy was hired. I didn’t hire her, I ‘m not the producer of the movie, the producer is a man called Lucky Ewa and he was the one that hired us for our services. Rachael Oniga, Saheed Balogun, Bukky Wright, Shan George were all on the same set and she should just direct her complaints to the man that hired us both and not me or whosoever is in possession of her pictures. Cossy should just understand this and stop calling my name or attracting undue attention to me.”

Confident of her showbiz talent among other things, the young with the squeaky voice, whose whose main acting credential is her breasts, believes that she is just being persecuted for reasons unknown to her.

“I don’t know why I am the target of everybody. Before now, I used to think that some of the female folks might not like me or get envious of me because of my boobs, but over time I have come to believe that no one has any reason to dislike me because of my body part.

“Envious ladies don’t need to hate me any more because they can also get themselves large boobs or buy them as it is now being made easy. But why some men would now decided to use the fact that my boobs are big and I act to tarnish my image is something I don’t just understand,” she said.

Cossy still insists that she is a complete entertainer who dances, sings and acts.

“I’m a complete entertainer unlike what many believe. I sing, act and also dance but people would continue to say that I’m not a good actress. All I tell them is that if I’m not a good actress, why are things going well for me?

“If I’m not as good like they claim, why are people talking and going nuts about something I did seven years ago? Why is it that everyone wants to write about me even when some of these things are false?

“My music career would soon become another thing people would talk about because my album is ready. It was delayed as a result of this incident. It’s been ready for months and I just decided to keep it low for now, but very soon, I would start promotions because I already have a video for one of the songs.”

She told our reporter “I live in my house in Lekki with my family, I also have landed property in Abuja and Aba, so why would I stoop so low to want to have sex with a dog in a film for a paltry sum of $10,000?” Cossy asked.

Counting her earthly treasures, Cossy posted the message to the Internet during the week: “I have landed property of N20million, a house in Lekki, Lagos, 1.2 hecter of land in Kuje, Abuja, a plot in Maraba and a special plate number jeep. So why would I sleep with dog for an equivalent of N1.8million?”

The Anambra-born tease, who claims she prefers shopping to sex, told Klieglights, “my mum and my siblings are so worried because the thing is really getting at the entire family.

“My mother was in the church when the priest was talking about it and everybody was looking at her but she didn’t understand until I told her about it and it made her feel so bad leaving the family disturbed and stressed.”

We are she has offered to give N10,000 to anybody who can give her original copies of the pictures making the round.

“To be candid, I sincerely wish to see the naked pictures with the dog if truly it would be provided because I know that this is all false,” she told our reporter.

Where could this come from if she sincerely feels it’s some set of people who are after her?

“I don’t know. Like I said, I don’t know who the enemy is and who is friend. I have my suspicions and I just want to do my findings before I conclude on what step to take next. But this is just taking it far. Those behind it have taken it too far this time around,” Cossy concluded

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