Campus Heat: Tell Us About Yourself [Real Name, Educational Background e.t.c]

Tonye [Metrotek]:My name is Kingmate Tonye aka creativity.

A King’s College Old Boy (KCOB) and an Alumni of the University of Lagos, where I studied systems engineering.

I hate reading books but when it comes to computers .. #YouAlreadyKnow

Campus Heat: When Did You Start Metrotek & Who/What Inspired You To?

Tonye [Metrotek]:Well, would say i started it fully as a brand 2yrs ago but always been there when i was still in the university.

Inspiration and drive was something i always had but didn’t just know what would trigger it.

I would say i thank God for bringing my mentor (emmanuel usen), he was a great pillar in my development, he always pushed me to crop images for him every night while working and from there learnt some few tricks and started building myself.

From time the real me started emerging, very good with my designs, give u ideas and all sorts.

Campus Heat: What Exactly Is Metrotek About?

Tonye [Metrotek]:Metrotek is basically a city where various works of life is solved through technology. I feel without creative personnel’s in the world, a lot won’t be achieved.

So Metrotek is a company set aside to solve this creative need of the market like state of the art graphics design, Branding, web development, High quality Printing and Creative ideas for business, Ads and events.

Campus Heat: How Has It Been So Far?

Tonye [Metrotek]:God is good all the time.

Seen a lot of growth in business, thanks to God, Friends and colleagues, staff and not forgetting the quality of work because a Good product or service will always sell itself.

Campus Heat: Where Do You See The Brand In The Next 5 Years?

Tonye [Metrotek]:Wow!! next 5 years should be the next level of operation…Let’s see what God has for me.

Campus Heat: Favorite Quote(s) …Do You Have Any?

Tonye [Metrotek]:Create, think, implement is my favourite quote from time because people always say it’s wrong but always convince them about it because it’s a rule i follow for my work every time.

Campus Heat: One Thing You Think All Young & Upcoming Designers in the Business Should Have?

Tonye [Metrotek]:Ability to create your style, improvise on it, fine tune it for the present market and finally, don’t get too comfortable with your graphics, Make it a business brand.

Campus Heat: There Anything You Would Change If You Had The Chance To?

Tonye [Metrotek]:To change the mindset of people about graphics designer, they take them with low esteem. Graphics designers are important personnel in a system.

Campus Heat: If We Need/Want Metrotek To Hook Us Up With Some Dope Designs ..How Do We Holla?

Tonye [Metrotek]: Well, our website is officially activated, visit and see some great works or call 08023116283, email,

Campus Heat: Any Shout Outs, Final Words e.t.c ??

Tonye [Metrotek]:Shout out to My family, Emma usen, T.clones, Fafothehabit, Damilola, Lanre, Akosh, shofu, Laolu ON, Ebere LL, Famo, Gattuso, Adams, Kenny, Chimpumpin, My lere Fam and my lovely Clients and friends….GGMUB.

Every time i go out and look at what the press media are dishing out to the public, i feel disappointed and see reason for young talents to achieve an honest and effective solution with some sort of mental process … Consciously or not, he creates, thinks, translates … He implements, invents new techniques and combinations for good creative delivery. A world without creative personnel is like a world without imagination.

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