CH Spotlight: Hey Victoria, sup?

How’s You Doing Today?

Victoria: I’m very well,thank you!

CH Spotlight: Good, So Tell Us..What University Are You? What Level?

Victoria: University Of Lagos, 400 Level

CH Spotlight: Oh Nice, So How would you describe “Victoria Eze” ?

Victoria: Uhmm… Victoria is easy going, nice and naughty at times sha…lol

CH Spotlight: LoL ! Cool ..So what do people call you? ..Like your Nickname(s) ?

Victoria: Nickname..hmmm…Everyone calls me Vicky…and dats d definition of nickname yeah? So

CH Spotlight: Lol…Yo Nickname ! #iLike !

Victoria: Thanks!

CH Spotlight: So Victoria ..sup with Sexual Orientation…(Homo, Straight, Bisexual) ?

Victoria: Hahaha…..I’m sooooooo straight…I can appreciate a beautiful woman anytime…but hey!!! I love boyz…

CH Spotlight: What’s Your Favorite Quote?

Victoria: I like d one that goes “its neva too late to be what you might have been

CH Spotlight: Okay .. Victoria ..Let’s play a lil’ Game ..The Alphabet Game ..Thats what we call et ! LoL !!

This is how it goes …We have some Nasty or let me say Funny Questions arranged in an A – Z Manner yh? .. So you’re gonna choose 3 alphabets and then we give you the questions you chose ..

Very Simple ..We Cool yh?!

Victoria: Yup! Ai guess …

CH Spotlight: Cool, So Go ahead ..Choose the 3 alphabets !!!

Victoria: Uhm’ …. A, K, Y !

CH Spotlight: Hmmm

Question 1; A. Can you go into a relationship with no sex involved?

Victoria: Hmmmmm…that will be hard if one is sexually active…bt yeah, why not (I guess) lol.

CH Spotlight:

Question 2; K. What kind of guys do you like?

Victoria: ok, I have a thing for light skinned guyz, a guy that knowz how to give attention, how to care for a girl…the moneys actually not an issue but plz not a broke D list is long oh!!!

Unless u want tips yeah?! Lol

CH Spotlight:

Question 3; Y. Have you ever been told you look like someone famous? Who??

Victoria: Hahahaha….Now I’m shy…in high school, It was all Ciara…but now, I get the Keri Hilson thing a little more than I’d like *sigh* …

CH Spotlight: Lol! Nicee… Thanks For Your Time , Take Care of Yourself … We out!

And yeah .. Any Final words? Shoutouts? e.t.c

Victoria: Hmmm…

Final words : Don’t try to change…The best person to be is you..dats wat is cool…you are who u are!!! Much love people and Yeah It’s ( @MizVick ) on Twitter ..Follow your Girl :) !

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