CampusHeatHQ.Com: Good Afternoon Mr Jaywon, How’s Your Day Going?

Jaywon: Great, We Thank God

Campusheathq.Com: Great! So Please Tell Us About Yourself (Real Name, State Of Origin, Date Of Birth .. e.t.c)

Jaywon:  My Names Are James Oluwajuwonlo Iledare.

I’m From The Yoruba Speaking Part Of Kogi State…Was Born 7/7/1984

Campusheathq.Com: How Did You Come Up With The Name “Jaywon” ?

Jaywon:  Had Several Nick Names, so When I Decided To Take Music Seriously, Was Kinda Confused on Which Name To Use Officially…Peeps loved the name Juwon So I like had it Funky-fied To JAYWON.

Campusheathq.Com: Okay! So Who/What Inspired You To Start Making Music?

Jaywon: Hmm! The Streets, The Hustle – Greatest Inspiration(s) of All Time!

But asides that, I would say People Like King Sunny Ade , 2-Face, Saheed Osupa, Akon, Wyclef  & Lots of other Great & Talented artistes.

Campusheathq.Com: Lotsa Peeps Have Been Like Really Asking What Exactly The Song TINKO ANGEL Means..Please help answer them:

Jaywon: Tinko Angel is A Love Song for Every Beautiful African Lady that has all the Qualities of a Wife.

A Girl you can settle down with.

Campusheathq.Com: Recently, You Released Your Highly Anticipated Debut Album MEET JAYWON RELOADED Which Contained Monster Hits Like Gbon Gbon Gbon, Filebe, Tinko Angel E.T.C

What’s Next For Jaywon?

Jaywon: Hmmm! More Videos Coming, New Joints…Features & More ..You Really Should Stay Tuned!

Campusheathq.Com: Cool, Cool..So Like What Artiste(S) Would You Be Working With In The Nearest Future?

Jaywon: King Sunny Ade, Akon, Wyclefe.t.c

I really can’t say much about that now..But just some great collaborations & projects are on the way

Campusheathq.Com: Nice!

We Wanna Tune The Interview A Lil Bit By Introducing Everyone’s Favorite …The Alphabet Game ..

How It Goes:

We’ve Some Amazing Questions Arranged in an A-Z Manner and We’re Gonna Need You to Choose 3 Alphabets Randomly

..So Yeah! #Letsdothis

Jaywon: Aii!

J, A & Z

Campusheathq.Com: J. One Thing You Would Change About Yourself If You Could?

Jaywon: Nuffin Jor…I Love My Life….Being Yourself Is like the Best Thing That Can Ever Happen to Man

Campusheathq.Com: A. Can You Go Into A Relationship With No Sex Involved?

Jaywon: Nope!

Campusheathq.Com: Z. Your Favorite Hang-Out Spot?

Jaywon: The Place, Adeniyi Jones, Ikeja, G.R.A.. #CatchMeIfYouCan

Campusheathq.Com: Thanks for Your Time Boss. Was Fun Talking To You!

Really Hope We Get To Talk Again

Any Final Words…Shout -Outs…??

Jaywon: Thanks for Having Me… #TeamCampusHeat Till the End & to My Fans; I Love You Guys, You Guys Are the Best…I’m Loyal Still.

You all should have a great year ahead ..And Make Sure You Tell The Haters To PARK WELL Or Better Still Chop Chicken And Die Lol!

Twitter Handle: @JaywonJuwonlo ..Holla @ Your Boy !!

…You Can Listen/Download Some of Jaywon’s Songs Below …

Tinko Angel [Reloaded] – Download Video Here

Tinko Angel [Reloaded] – Download Audio Here

Catch Me If You Can – Download Here

Killer – Download Here


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