A three-year-old boy was snatched by a staggering kidnapper in India

THIS is the chilling moment a three-year-old boy was snatched away from his mum before being held captive for four days.

The mum, named as Ranibai, 25, was out buying food when her son was kidnapped at a train station in Navi Mumbai, western India.

Harrowing CCTV footage shows the suspect carrying little Ragu Nan Shinde in his arms.

 The boys mum was buying food when the suspect carried him away from the train station

The alleged drug addict can be seen swaying as he staggers away clutching the toddler on September 6.

His desperate mum frantically searched the train station for her son before alerting police.

The young boy was discovered four days later by a member of the public at near Kalwa train station – ten miles from where he was taken.

 The boy was discovered four days later ten miles away

He was taken to a police station after the bystander recognised his picture from the news.

She said: “On Saturday night, when I saw the news of the missing child, I told cops about it and around 12am they took him to his parents.”

Cops are now hunting the kidnapper and are appealing for information.

 A woman had recognised the boy from the news

A police spokesperson said: “The boy had come to the station along with his mother to have vada pav (vegetarian dish).

“He was kidnapped while his mother was busy buying the food. After searching for hours, the woman finally filed a complaint with us.

“A case of kidnapping has been registered under section 363 of IPC and CCTV grabs have been circulated for tracing the accused.”


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