Earlier this week, stories of a Paternity Issue involving Afro-Beat Legend Femi Kuti hit the Internet.

They were excerpts off an Interview the music sensation had with Encomium Magazine about 8 years ago.

His management company Chocolate City has released an official statement addressing the issue.

Read Below..


“News published about Afro Beat Legend Femi Kuti that surfaced on the internet on Friday about two of his five children not belonging to him after taking a paternity test was not a recent occurrence but actually happened over 8 years ago.

Encomium Magazine recently published an interview with Femi Kuti which was conducted 8 years ago, in this interview he spoke about his music, career and personal life.

During this interview he spoke on the identity of 5 of his children and then revealed that two of these 5 children were not his and that he had since making this discovery returned the children to their mother.

Reports labelling this story as recent are false, this old interview was simply rehashed by some blogs and newspapers in a bid to steer up controversy and have something to sell, some blogs even went as far as publishing pictures of his legitimate children in a bid to pass them off as the affected children.

Femi Kuti is a loving and responsible father who takes the privacy of his children very seriously and so we request that blogs, newspapers and magazines kindly take off the pictures from their platforms as this is an evasion of their privacy as well as a security risk for the children.

Thank you for your cooperation.”


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