Campus Heat would like to see and show the world what Life in your School is like so — Students are to share on Instagram or Twitter — GOOD/BAD pictures/videos of them and/or of Structures in their Schools.

On a weekly basis, all the Classic Submissions ? ? ? for each week stand a chance to appear on Campus Heat‘s Website: CampusHeatHQ.Com & on our Social Media Pages as well – @CampusHeat

To Submit & Be A Part, Kindly Tag: #CHSMS or #CHSeeMySchool , your School Name & a Dope Caption in your Post(s).

To Submit Anonymously (i.e For The Bad Libraries ????, Dying Halls ???? e.t.c Entries — Kindly Send The Photo as A DM To @CampusHeat IG/Twitter or just Email it: !

The Submissions For This Week Below..

– UNICAL Protest/Riot

UNICAL Riot Protest
Caption: Students Riot – Block All Entrances/Exits To & From School [Full Story HERE]
– Bukola Oladesu [Instagram: m_bukola ] – Bowen University

Bukola Oladesu - CHSMS
Caption: #teamselfie #bowenite #CHSMS…..??✌️

– Elizabeth Jumoke [Instagram: @e_pearlz ] – Caleb University | Shared by OJ [Instagram: i_am_oj19]

Elizabeth Jumoke E Pearlz - CHSMS
Caption: Don’t you just love her pose?! Model: @e_pearlz MOA: @funmi_hills #CHSMS #calebuniversity

– Shared by Damola [Instagram: dharmii_ ] – Bowen University

Shared by Damola Dharmi - CHSMS Bowen University Students Dressing
Caption: Fuck with us you know we got it #CHSMS Bowen University

– Oreoluwa Daymie Olawunmi [Instagram: blvck.oreo ] – Covenant University

Oreoluwa Daymie Olawunmi Blvck Oreo (1) - CHSMS
Caption: Morning IG???? #slaying#CHSMS

– Ajiboye OluwaniSola [Instagram: itz_ajeezy ] – Bowen University

Ajiboye Oluwanisola
Caption: Stay focused. #CHSMS #bowenuniversity #vintage

– Helen O [Instagram: ellen_xy] – Covenant University

Helen O Ellen xx - CHSMS
Caption: Today was epiiic #chsms✌?️✌?✌?

– Timmy [Instagram: __Timmy_Turner ] – Bowen University

Timmy Turner - CHSMS
Caption: A real boss has no boss #CHSMS #bowen university

– Photo Shared by OJ Emimah [Instagram: i_am_oj19 ] – Caleb University

Submitted by OJ - CHSMS
Caption: Bubble gum? You Can ask funmi for some… makeup artiste of life. A big Thank you for coming through dear. Much love #CHSMS #calebuniversity

– Eldred Williams [Instagram: eldredz ] – Covenant University

Eldred Williams - CHSMS
Caption: #CHSMS cu

– Peace Nicole Ogbe [Instagram: nhickoal ] – Bowen University

Peace Ogbe - CHSMS
Caption: #SundayBest #HookAddict #HappyDayzAhead #BowenStyleChannel #chsms #BowenSlayers #bwake #MadeOfBlack #Royalty #royaltybrown #instacute #Fresher #DontWantToMurderAshTag #DoubleTapOnceYouSeeThis

– Kez [Instagram: ilovebykez ] – Babcock University

Caption: #chsms #babcockuniversity @ilovebykez

– Timmy [Instagram: __Timmy_Turner ] & Ifeoluwa [Instagram: olori___ ] – Bowen University

Timmy Turner & Olori
Caption: I know y’all wish for a sis like this?#CHSMS #Bowen university

– Oreoluwa Daymie Olawunmi [Instagram: blvck.oreo ] – Covenant University

Oreoluwa Daymie Olawunmi Blvck Oreo - CHSMS
Caption: Cos I’m Happy ??✌✌✌??? #CHSMS #thehappinesstour

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