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CHSMS Chapter 6; Girls in Bikini, Fashion in Private Universities Today & More #PHOTOS

Campus Heat would like to see and show the world what Life in your School is like so — Students are to share on Instagram or Twitter — GOOD/BAD pictures/videos of them and/or of Structures in their Schools.

On a weekly basis, all the Classic Submissions ? ? ? for each week stand a chance to appear on Campus Heat‘s Website: CampusHeatHQ.Com & on our Social Media Pages as well – @CampusHeat

To Submit & Be A Part, Kindly Tag: #CHSMS or #CHSeeMySchool , your School Name & a Dope Caption in your Post(s).

To Submit Anonymously (i.e For The Bad Libraries ????, Dying Halls ???? e.t.c Entries — Kindly Send The Photo as A DM To @CampusHeat IG/Twitter or just Email it: campusheatpr@yahoo.com !

The Submissions For This Week Below..

– Submitted by SomidrazTalkBlog; Cassie [Instagram: dahqutecassie ] & Becca [Instagram: b_e_c_c_a__i_s__b_a_e ] – Godfrey Okoye University

Cassie & Becca Bikini - CHSMS

– Princewill Ugwueke [Instagram: its_prizzy] – Bowen University

Princewill Ugwueke - Prizzy - CHSMS

Caption: HAPPY SUNDAY IG.☺…… #prayforbowen #chsms

– Mide Akins E [Instagram: MideAkins ] – Crawford University

Mide Akins - CHSMS (1)

Caption: “Don’t be into trends. Don’t make fashion own you, but you decide what you are, what you want to express by the way you dress and the way to live. ??? Captured by @bami.dele  #CHSMS

– Love Alabi [Instagram: Love_Alabi ] – Covenant University

Love Alabi - CHSMS

Caption: #CHSMS S M I L E ???

– Oluremi Jedidiah [Instagram: its_jedi ] – Bowen University

Oluremi Jedidiah its_Jedi - CHSMS (1)

Caption: #feeltheGreatness #legitness #CHSMS #bowenstylechannel #bowenuniversity

– Boma [Instagram: Boma_official ]

Boma Bill - CHSMS

Caption: Verylatepost..reminiscenses #chsms

– Peace Nicole Ogbe [Instagram: Nhickoal ] – Bowen University

Peace Nicole Ogbe - CHSMS

Caption: 17.11.15 #CHSMS #Bowenstylechannel #Bowenslayers #HookAddict #MadeOfBlack #Royalty #HappyDayzAhead #Bwake #DonyWantToMurderAshTag #DoubleTapOnceYouSeeThis Nautical student of Bowen University…B.U

– Joseph Hayford [Instagram: Sleazzy_ ] – Covenant University

Joseph Hayford Sleazy - CHSMS

Caption: Matric #TheCuStudent #iRepCU #CHSMS

– Ceejay Dennar [Instagram: ceejay3_ ]  – Covenant University

Ceejay Dennar - CHSMS

Caption: #corporate #black #king #CHSMS #covenantuniversity

– Mide Akins E [Instagram: MideAkins ] – Crawford University

Mide Akins - CHSMS

Caption: STRIPES AND TREES ?? Captured by @bami.dele ?? #CHSMS

– Oluremi Jedidiah [Instagram: its_jedi ] – Bowen University

Oluremi Jedidiah its_Jedi - CHSMS


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