Over the weekend, Ndubuisi Chidi Brown … a Student of the Economics Department in Covenant University lost his life while hanging out @ the Takwa Bay Beach Resort in Lagos with 2 of his Friends.

The Young Economist who was also a Photographer was said to left the school on Legal Exeat for a Photo-shoot in Lagos on the 4th of May, 2013.

The next day (Sunday), he accompanied by 2 of his Close Friends decided to go to the Beach..Takwa Bay to be precise.

While they were having fun at the beach, a major ocean wave came to the shores and literally dragged the 3 friends into the water so they all to start struggling for survival.

One of  his friends who knew how to swim tried to rescue Chidi Brown (Pictured Above) but he had to let go cos it was looking he too was going to drown in the process.

Their other friend made it back to the shore but lost consciousness.

A distress call was made and by the time the life guards arrived and rushed into the water; Chidi Brown‘s body was nowhere to be found.

The next day, his body was found swollen with bruises to his eye and mouth @ the shores of the beach.

Very Sad ….May His Soul R.I.P :(


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      Rip dear :(


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