Recently, The Gobe Hit-maker Davido sat down with Channels TV Presenter Ebuka on their show .. Rubbin Minds.

They discussed basically all  the controversies surrounding the young artiste.

When Asked About Wizkid, He Said:

“When I Started ..I Was A Big Fan of Wizkid!

Overtime – I blew up & all you could see was 2 young guys closing all the shows, packing all the money & then people started talking.

You know now! Like when you have people around probably trying to fuel negativity & stuff but there’s no problem what so ever.

None at all”

When Asked About Why He Split Up With His Former Manager Asa Asika, He Said:

“Uhm! It was just different views on different issues – so we just had to…. go apart & stuff.

We started this thing together, we both pushed but when you get to a certain level – you need more people involved!

He’s smart! He’s a smart young man & everything but I felt like I needed a much more matured management.

He’s still my friend, he’s still my boy any time! We learnt a lot of things together and he’s still great – he’s still doing his thing.”

When Asked About The Leaked Photos of He & A Female Groupie in Bed; He Said:

“I was just sleeping and she probably just slipped in. I don’t know where, how anything happened.

I don’t know her. I was in an apartment then and everything was just free.

Maybe my door was unlocked or something like that and she slipped in and took the picture.

I moved out to my new house, big house, you can’t try anything, the security is tight.”

He added that the girl later called his people to apologize to him”

You Can Check Out The Full Interview Below …


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