Finally! The highly anticipated collaboration between the NAWTi hit-maker Olu Maintain, Big A & Former G-Unit singer Olivia is out.

Posted Below .. NAWTi!

Hypnotize Me – Download Here

Song Lyrics

Tarap x4

Have you seen her?

Have you seen her?

Tarap X4

Sherri Sherri Bukky

Sherri Sherri Naomi

Sherri Sherri Kenny

Have you seen Mary….

Have you seen Bonita



Fatima, Amaka.. Ada

Sherri Sherri Bola

Omo toh pupa

She lives in akoka…

American muller

Etiri mi. Otojo Meta, unilag

Remember ,when I used to drive

Honda hala …eh eh.


You hypnotize me

With your sexy body

You hypnotize me girl

With you sexy body

You hypnotize me

Tarap x4

Verse 1

Though we were very young,

To be with you was really fun

Always knew you were the one

The way you call me honey, bun

Kiss and caress me, it’s been so lonely

Without you baby, most definitely.


That’s the sound of my heart

Saying your name………

Hear the words from my mouth

will tell you the same…

I I I I love you… x3

You hypnotize me boy

With your sexy body, oh boy

Hypnotize me baby baby……x2

Sheri Sherri Awele

Sherri Sherri Ekaete

Sherri Sherri chinenye

Have you seen shade?

Have you seen Alicia, Felicia, Tricia,

Keisha, Patricia ….Gbogbo yinsha

You hypnotize me, with your sexy body

You hypnotize me gurl, with your sexy body…

You hypnotize me boy, with your sexy body boy

Hypnotize me …baby baby…

Big A

Shawty got me hypnotized

From her lips and eyes

And her hips and thighs

Like the star she shines

Since the first day,

I knew she was mines

Let the top down,

Take her for a ride.

Have you seen her?

I heard she is looking muy bonita

And she a diva

Plus an R&B singer

If you listening

Then speak up

I aint hearing ya

I search across the world

From Atlanta back to Nigeria

But I have met all of the Tias

And met all of the Nias

But am searching for the work of art

ma monalisa

Cos am sick of ‘living single ’

Like max & kadesha

She got me hypnotised

Hey look Olu I feel ya.


That’s the sound of my heart saying your name….

Hear the words from my mouth,

will tell you the same

I I I I love you…x3

I love you

I need you…x6


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  1. kunle January 17, 2013 at 1:36 am

    Mr olu makes sense to me,matured piece.


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