Lanre Dabiri, (born May 23, 1977) better known by his stage name ‘eLDee’ is 1 of Nigeria’s Best Producers/Rappers/Singers/Record Label Executives/Architects/Humanitarians e.t.c…Yeah He’s that BAD!
eLDee who studied Architecture at the University of Lagos, Nigeria was introduced to us as a founding member of the Trybesmen and the head of Trybe Records….and ever since then has been killing it with various hit songs.
eLDee’s most recent album, “Is it your money Vol.1” was released on March 6, 2010. The much anticipated album was a trending topic on twitter for two days as the world awaited the release of the fresh body of work from one of Nigeria’s most exciting artists.
Radio and video charts have been incomplete without eLDee and he still stands as one of the most promising Nigerian artists on the scene today.

Its Campus Heats “Up Close and Personal” Interview with eLDee The Don …

Campus Heat: Away from the Entertainment Scene, How would you describe eLDee?
eLDee: eLDee is a geek of sorts, a happy daddy who loves to travel, spend time with his family and watch movies in the comfort of his house.
Campus Heat: Has Marriage and Family had any Positive or Negative influences on the rate you work?
eLDee: Marriage and family haven’t had any negative impact on my career because my wife has been with me from the very beginning. She understands what it takes to be successful at the business and she is extremely supportive. I have actually become much more focused now because of my family and the support I get.
Campus Heat: We gathered that you studied Architecture @ The University of Lagos, what led you to that and why didn’t you pursue it?
eLDee: I’m an architect at heart. I studied architecture to develop my thinking faculty and I believe it’s one of the reasons I have been successful so far. My architecture background makes me a very technical person and I apply it to everything I touch. Even though I went all out and got a masters degree, I didn’t pursue architecture as a career because I decided to follow my number 1 passion which is music. The architect in me is what gives me my edge.

Campus Heat: Is that something you regret?
eLDee: Absolutely not! I wouldn’t have been half as fulfilled if I was a practicing architect.
Campus Heat: Okay, So What do you do when you’re not working?
eLDee: I surf the internet, hang with family, watch movies, travel, and do a lot of computer geek stuff.
Campus Heat: What’s your most treasured possession?
eLDee: My family.
Campus Heat: What three people have profoundly influenced your life?
eLDee: Mom, wife and daughter. My life changing moments have been defined by them.
Campus Heat: Looping back, what were your Primary Goals when you decided to pursue a Career in Music? Have you achieved these goals yet?
eLDee: I believe I have achieved most of my goals from when I began. I’m just having fun now.
Campus Heat: A Song like “Ota Mi” seems to suggest a more serious, mature career path for you. Is that how you see your future?
eLDee: I was just having fun really. I’m very technical about how I create my music, there’s an art to it but when it comes to subject matter, it just depends on how I feel before I walk into the studio.

Campus Heat: What are your top tips for anyone trying a build a successful career in the Music Industry?
eLDee: Learn your art, take your time and develop yourself to the point when you become undeniable. Most artists think they’re ready to go once they can hold a note but its not just about your vocal ability or song writing skills. In this very competitive market, you as an artist are a product that is to be sold to people, so your strategy towards achieving that is very important.
Campus Heat: So what’s next for eLDee? What can we expect in the months to come?
eLDee: A lot of music, new videos, possibly “Is it your money Vol.2”
Campus Heat: What’s something about eLDee that your fans would be surprised to know or wouldn’t necessarily expect from you?
eLDee: That I’m a super-geek, the only thing is I don’t wear glasses. When I’m not “eLDee The Don“, I’m “eLDee The Nerd“.
Campus Heat: Any final words, Shout-outs or anything you want the fans to know about eLDee?
eLDee: I just want to thank all my fans for the continued support. It’s not easy to have a career spanning over a decade and still be so loved and revered by so many. I do this for you and Im’o ride till the wheels fall off!!
And Of course Shout-out to Campus Heat for real…

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