Campus Heat: Tell us about yourself (Real Name, Age, Educational Status….etc)???
Whiteboy: Emeka Ikem that’s the Name ma Folks Gave Me…I think I’m 19years now. Yh m old enough :) Ex Student of Bells University a.k.a BrickCity(BC)

Campus Heat: What’s the IDEA behind the name “White Boy” ???
Whiteboy: haha! Well I was named “WhiteBoy” by a Friend who thought ma Complexion was a Wonder. :D I told ma Producer ma Name was Whiteboy & he thought it was Funky so it’s been like that.

Campus Heat: What Genre of Music are you into?
White Boy: Hip Hop/Rap that’s What I do.

Campus Heat: Do you write your songs yourself?
White Boy: Oh Yh I Do…all Of my Songs are written by Me.

Campus Heat: What are your songs about?
White Boy: Anything! Anything at all…it just hits me & I hit the Studio & we have a Hit. Period.

Campus Heat: Are you currently signed to any Record Label?
White Boy: No I’m not…ur Boy is still on the Cool. Just Hanging.

Campus Heat: Who or What inspired you to do Music?
White Boy: 1.Ma Friends 2.Ma Mentors 3.Me…I just knew it was in Me

Campus Heat: So Whats next for White Boy? What can we expect in months to come?
White Boy: Ur Boy is Coming wiv some New ish. Definitely. Expect Cool stuff. Its a Cool kid Thing aii?

Campus Heat: Where in the Industry do you see yourself in the Next 5 Years?
White Boy: gaddamn! A lot of people wud say @ the Top…well I see myself making Moves, Making ish happen cos We Cool Like Dat.

Campus Heat: Any Final Words?
Whiteboy: Be U, Be True, Stay Connected & Don’t Let Nobody Mess wiv Ur Vision.

White Boy: Big Shout-Out 2 all the People who r Supporting me. I ain’t gonna Let U down.

Definitely Gotta Shout-Out 2 KB she’s My BiGGest Fan.

Twitter: @EmjayWhiteboy

Facebook Page: George ‘White Boy’ Em-jay

You Can Download Some of White Boy’s Songs Below…
White Boy – ROCK DA MIC —> Download Here
White Boy – WHITEBOY KILLED IT (Hold Yhu Mix) —-> Download Here
White Boy – BEST I EVER HAD (Lu Mix) —-> Download Here
Whiteboy ft. Lakes Brizzle – I MADE IT (lu mix) —-> Download Here
White Boy ft Chuk D – SHIT MEHN —-> Download Here

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