[Campus Heat] Basky !!!

Tell Us About Yourself (Real Name, Date Of Birth, Educational… e.t.c)

Basky: Yoo! My Names .. Ibrahim Haruna (Jnr). School @ Babcock University. Was Born November 19!

[Campus Heat] Okay! So How Did The Name Basky Come Up ?

Basky: Picked it up as a Nickname in High School, It Stuck Ever Since.

[Campus Heat] Who/What Inspired You To Start Making Music & When Did You Start?

Basky: When I was in the states I was very close to the Hip Hop Culture and my Elder Brother also used to Rap and Produce so it kinda rubbed off on me and I found my zone.

Professionally I started music in 2008 but before then I was always trying to make beats and write songs but I never did record a song till ’08.

[Campus Heat] You Signed To Any Record Label At The Moment?

Basky: Not signed a Record Deal yet, still looking at options, for now HBK [High Breed Klan]is handling my music solely.

[Campus Heat] We See You Have Some Sick Jams on Rotation e.g Disco Pemperenpe, Gentle Man e.t.c – Are These Songs Off an album orrr ?

Basky: Yup! They’re singles we’ve recorded and released in anticipation of my debut mainstream mix-tape HIGH DEFINITIONwhich drops soon

Disco Pemperenpe ft. Femi Ayinde Marshall – Download Here

Gentle Man – Download Here

[CAMPUS HEAT] Alright! We also heard a freestyle you performed off Ice Prince’s ABOKI Instrumental ..It was Sick – I Must say!

Was There An Agreement Between You & Ice Prince on that? cos we noticed the Instrumental was of High quality.

Basky: Well, its a mere cover, not an official remix.

We were really suprised people accepted it like an original song, myself and Ice have mutual friends so I heard the record, got the beat and did the freestyle the same day and bang!!

Aboki [Freestyle] – Download Here

[Campus Heat] Okay! So What’s Next For Basky? Any New Joints, Mixtapes, Club Tours e.t.c Coming Up Soon?

Basky: I’m working on some videos for my mixtape, also rounding up recording the songs for it, a remix of gentleman is also in the works..that’s as much as I can say.

[Campus Heat] We’ve Some Amazing Questions Arranged in an A-Z Manner and We’re Gonna Need You to Choose 3 Alphabets Randomly – So Yeah! #Shoot

Basky: H, B .. K!

[Campus Heat] Question 1: H. Can You Walk Around Your School Naked For a Million Bucks?

Basky: lol..I don’t think so, if you mean naira.

[Campus Heat] Question 2: B. What’s something about you people would be surprised to know?

Basky: I could pass for a stand up comedian.

[Campus Heat] Question 3: K. What Kind of girls do you like?

Basky: I love beautiful ladies with the right attitude, the character matters more to me though.

[Campus Heat] Any Final Words…Shout-Outs…??

Basky: God Bless My Fans, Friends and Family.

I Love Them, Expect only the Best From Me! You Know Without My Fans I’ll still be Sweating. <—– Punch Line *Lol

Twitter Handle: @OfficialBASKY !


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