CH Spotlight: Hiiii There *waving*
LoL! How’s Chisom Doing Today?
Chisom: I’m doing good thank u

CH Spotlight: Cool! So What University Are You? What Level?
Chisom: I’m in AUN also known as Abti by most people…I’m a sophomore

CH Spotlight: Oh Nice..So How would you describe ” Chisom Okoli ” ?
Chisom: Well I’m a very shy and easy going person,sometimes not too friendly. However,most people mistake it as being a snob.

CH Spotlight: LoL ! Cool ..So what do people call you? ..Like your Nickname(s) ?
Chisom: Chaiso by ma family,freze mostly secondry school friends or dime piece.
CH Spotlight: Lol! So Chisom..How’s it going with Sexual Orientation…(Homo, Straight, Bisexual) ?
Chisom: Always keeping it straight …

CH Spotlight: Haha! #TrustMe You Dont Want To Know How Many Boys Are Thanking God Right Now !! They stiill stand a chance :D !
Chisom: Lol

CH Spotlight: What’s Your Favorite Quote?
Chisom: Don’t have any, but if I have to,it will be”to whom respect is due,respect is given”

CH Spotlight: Okaay .. Chisom ..Let’s play a lil’ Game ..The Alphabet Game ..Thats what we call et ! LoL !!
This is how it goes …We have some Nasty or let me say Funny Questions arranged in an A – Z Manner yh? .. So you’re gonna choose 3 alphabets and then we give you the questions you chose ..
Very Simple and InterestingWe Cool yh?!
Chisom: Yup! Ai guess …
CH Spotlight: Cool, So Go ahead ..Choose the 3 alphabets !!!
Chisom: Uhm’ …. C, J, S !

CH Spotlight: Cool…
Question 1; C. What Cologne Are You Wearing?
Chisom: Ultraviolet by Paco Rabanne.

CH Spotlight: Hmmm.. That Perf’ is #Madt #NiceOne
Chisom: Lol #Thanks !

Question 2; J. One thing you would change about yourself if you could?
Chisom: Well I really don’t have anything in particular I would like to change about myself,cause one thing is that I am the way I am for reasons best known to God and I like it that way.

CH Spotlight:
Question 3; S. Name one person you would love to get naughty with?
Chisom: No other than Tobi aka J.P “smiles”

CH Spotlight: Lol! Chisom ..Twas Nice Chillin witcha ! Gotta Bounce…
Would Catch Yu Later aii? …Peace!
And yeah .. Any Final words? Shoutouts? e.t.c
Chisom: Shout out to my girls in Aun and The bosses boy lol.

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