Ada “Beverly” Osu (born September 27, 1992) is a model/video vixen that has made notable appearances in countless video’s which include Yansh Police by Timi DaBlackOne, Oleku by Ice Prince & Brymo and the recently released EMOTI by DJ Debby, Igho, Danagog & Orezijust to name a few …

Ada, in her career has set the standards to be a video vixen with a striking physical appearance and an ability to steal the showwherever she is..

CH Spotlight: Hey!
Miss Ada Osu! How you doing today?
Ada: I’m Fine thank u
CH Spotlight: Good! So Tell Us, What School Are You, What Deprartment N What Level?
Ada:Babcock University; Mass communication, 300 Level

CH Spotlight: Okay! So how would you describe “Ada Osu”?
Ada: Funny, fun to be with, mood swings most of time…Crazy
CH Spotlight: Apart from *being a student*…What else does “Ada Osu ” do?
Ada: I’m a model
CH Spotlight: Cool, So what do people call you? Like your Nickname(s)?
Ada: Diva, Baby-Wild, OLEKU lolz
CH Spotlight: Hahaha! Why?
Ada: Diva -> becos of my attitude, Baby-Wild -> becos of my age and things I’ve done @ this age & OLEKU -> becos of my video appearance with ice prince and allCH Spotlight: Cool! So Ada…Tell us; how’s it going with Sexual Orientation (Homo, Straight or Bisexual)?
Ada: I’m so straight
CH Spotlight: What’s Your Favorite Quote?
Ada:Mistakes are teachers for a better future
CH Spotlight: Okay… Ada, Let’s play a lil’ Game..It’s called The Alphabet Game!
You ready yh?
Ada: Yeah, sure
CH Spotlight: kk…This is how it goes …We have some Nasty or let me say Funny Questions arranged in an A – Z Manner yh? .. So you’re gonna choose 3 alphabets and then we give you the questions you chose…
Very Interesting & easy to play #TrustMe, So Go ahead…Choose the 3 alphabets!!!
Ada:A, B, O

CH Spotlight: Nice..
Question 1: A. Can you go into a relationship with no sex involved?
Ada: It depends! LOL!
Question 2: B. What’s something about you people would be surprised to know?
Ada: I’m a Tom!
Question 3: O. What’s your favorite colour?
Ada: BLUE!

CH Spotlight:Aiii! Thanks for yo time, Hope You Have A Great Day Ahead !

Ada:Yeah! You too!

CH Spotlight: Any shout-outs? Special requests..? Anything…?
Ada: Hmm! Just wanna thank everyone for loving my works & yh shout-out to Campus Heat for real!
Twitter Username: @beverly_osu #GetAtMe


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