Nigerian Rap Veteran Labzy Lawal usually known for his outstanding performance in Darey Art Alade‘s The Most UnDareyted Show is The Buzz of The Month (MAY) on Campus Heat #GetFamiliar !

Campus Heat: Tell Us About Labzy Lawal (Real Name, Age, Educational
Labzy Lawal: Well basically, Labzy Lawal (Real Name: Lawal Opeyemi) is a Final Year Student of the University of Lagos…A 6’4 Tall Rapper of Mix Fulani and Yoruba descent which makes him also known as “The Tall Kid” or “Mr At Your Service” or “Omo Lawal” toh bahhhdd!!!…LOL!

Campus Heat: How Did You Come About The Name Labzy Lawal ???
Labzy Lawal: Ok humn,back in high school for reasons I honestly cannot fathom till now,(destiny I presume) I was just tagged with nickname Labzy and when I picked up Rap (also back in high) The name stuck so I found it suitable enough for a stage name and decided to attach my real surname to it to give it a more concrete Hip Hop feel and all and thus begat LABZY LAWALYup!

Campus Heat: How Would You Describe Your Kind of Music?
Labzy Lawal: Ok basically I’m a Rap artiste, but due to my versitility, I find a way to do a lil bit of other things like you know singing very little patua once in a while, so even though I do a little bit of everything am basically a Rap Artiste
Campus Heat: Do You Write Your Songs Yourself?
Labzy Lawal: Most definately! and for other artistes as well sometimes….Infact Many times sef …LOL !

Campus Heat: What Record Label is Labzy Lawal Signed To?
Labzy Lawal: Ok right now, I’m signed to a new fast rising Record company called KREWD NATION spearheaded by Uthman Badru who is the C.E.O of the Company and Ganiu Kazir who is the Co-C.E.O of the company and also has affliations with Due Concerns Entertainment, a management company which hosts Ace Producer Feardeevee and is run by Jay Jay Stephen Adebola and Feyisayo Agbo

Campus Heat: Who Or What Inspired You To Start Making Music?
Labzy Lawal: Yeah well growing up I listened to different genres of Music from Rap to RnB, Afrobeat, Rock, Highlife, JuJu and lot of em…and overtime, I discovered I had the ability to express myself and say things better by painting pictures with words and all which had me more familiar with Rap music and had me listening to Rappers like Nas, 50cent, The Game, Kanye West, Immortal technique, Jay-Z, N.W.A, Talib kweli, The Roots, Lupe Fiasco and many others…

Campus Heat: What Differentiates Labzy Lawal From Every Other Rap Artist Out There?
Labzy Lawal: Ok apart from the height (You know I “Stand Taller” than the rest of em…lol) I think its the Full package, From the Personality,to the delivery on records,to the content,Versitility and many more factors even I haven’t noticed….Yup!

Campus Heat: What Do We Expect From Labzy Lawal in Months To Come?
Labzy Lawal: Ok humn am working on my EP now yea,its called The Solitary EP basically depicting my hustle and determinative fight to the top regardless of setbacks and obstacles, So humn the project should be ready to drop sometime in May, aint got a fix date yet though,then afterwards is the Armageddon or what I prefer to refer to as the New Age Big Bang Explosion *drumrolls* !!! The AT YOUR SERVICE album!!! ***chills*…lol..*straight face*…lol again…hehe..dats wassap!

Campus Heat: What Are Your Long-term Career Goals?
Labzy Lawal: Hmmnn long term career goals,let me see,I mean I got really big dreams and all men wanna “definately” establish my own Record Company would also like to stick my hands into Fashion(like own a brand design and all), Automobiles –> YES and many other things…till then sha…fingers crossed….

Campus Heat: Where in The Entertainment Industry Do You See Yourself in the Next 5 Years?
Labzy Lawal: One word, Four letters –> BOSS !!! Yezzir!

You Can Listen/Download Some Of Labzy‘s Joints Below …

Let Me In (Prod. by FearDeeVee) – Download Here

Bad Sharp Guy – Download Here

Twitter: @LabzyNation
Facebook: Labzy Lawizzle


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