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QUICKIE! Do’s & Don’t(s) of Fashion with Bells Uni’s Damola @LordMocheCoal


Posted May 6, 2013 by

Campus Heat: Hello, Tell Us A Bit About Yourself
MocheCoal: Hey! I’m Adesemowo Adedamola, a 300 Level student of Computer Engineering …Bells University Of Technology. I love forex trading and styling is my G.

Campus Heat: What Colours Do You Consider As Flashy?
MocheCoal: No colour is flashy unless combined irresponsibly. Girls astonish me with their combos. Red and green should not be seen even if it’s a bag with a skirt, blue and green should never be seen without something in between. Seen a girl with a check blazer once and guess what? … RED SKIRT!!

Moche Coal 4

Shirt: GAP, Belt: Ferragamo, Shoe by K Clothing, Watch: Bench,
Shades: Ray-Ban, Trouser: Tailored, Beads: Thrifted
Photographed by Armani

Campus Heat: What Would You Wear To Go on A Date?
MocheCoal: Depends on the location of the date so I won’t waste my time styling. Can’t have a date @ a beach and dress corporate am I? I’d love a small bow-tie on a wing collar dinner shirt for restaurant dates and Polo shirts tucked in on smooth pants with a nice belt buckle for others. Being well dressed is a beautiful form of politeness

Campus Heat: What’s That One Thing You Feel No Bells Student Should Try As Far As Fashion is Concerned?
MocheCoal: Yes! this question haha :D … For dudes, tight shorts makes you look gay please. Over-sized shirts are just not it c’mon. Yellow jean? Red jean? Green jean? What do you wanna wear that with man? and I still think a tie with a short sleeve looks dorky even if it is sunny. For ’em ladies hehe, leggings all day long ahn ahn You want to kill us? Leggings only look sexy if it got some print on it, not wear the same black thing all day long. Some american apparel high-waist jean looks really good on ladies, try it

Moche Coal (1)

Shorts: Jesse Jones, Shirt: Caedarwood State, Shades: Ray-Ban,
Belt: Yves Saint Laurent, Vest: O’Neill, Duffel Bag: Fila
Cup: Thrifted
Photographed by Flash Photography

Campus Heat: What’s Your Favourite Outfit?
MocheCoal: Anything on shorts. I crave for shorts mane. Feels free and it aint complete without those shades :)

Campus Heat: Any Favourite Designer(s) ?
MocheCoal: I’m into Hilfiger Denim Stussy Next Supreme Asos but aint got a fav. I wear anything that’s sleek

Moche Coal 5

SweatShirt: Redoute Paris, Shorts: Stussy, Shoes: Urban Spirit,
Photographed by Armani

Instagram: @thelordmochecoal / Twitter: @lordmochecoal

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    love your outfits damola, real smooth ;) i’d probably stay away from the long socks in that last outfit though, they make you look like you’re still in primary school lol

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