According to a recent Forbes Ranking of the World’s Happiest and Saddest Countries, Nigeria takes the 20th position among the saddest countries.

Taking the first position on the list is the Central African Republic followed closely by the Republic of Congo and Afghanistan.

Sudan takes the 18th position, Mozambique the 19th and Nigeria the 20th.

Among the world’s happiest countries, Norway ranked first, Denmark ranked second and Sweden ranked third.

Canada took the 6th position, United States of America the 12th and United Kingdom the 13th among the world’s happiest countries.

The Full list of The World’s Saddest Countries Below …What Do You Think?

1. Central African Republic
2. Republic of Congo
3. Afghanistan
4. Chad
5. Haiti
6. Burundi
7. Togo
8. Zimbabwe
9. Yemen
10. Ethopia
11. Pakistan
12. Iraq
13. Liberia,
14. Angola
15. Sierra Leone
16. Guinea
17. Ivory Coast
18. Sudan
19. Mozambique
20. Nigeria


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