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He’s Beaten & Apologized To Me 3 Times In The Last 8 Months; He Proposed; I’m … [Love, Sex & You]

domestic violence - He beats me

Hi …Campus Heat, my name is Tolani. So Happy You guys have a section like this!

There’s this guy I’ve been dating for about 2 years. I’m in my Final year. graduating soon.

He’s a great guy, treats me well, gives me basically everything I want whenever I ask him.

But! one problem I have with him is .. he beats me. I don’t understand why..even him ..he claims something always comes over him.

In the past 8 months, he has beaten me 3 times over issues that are almost irrelevant. Last time he left his office and came to my hostel minutes past 6pm on a Tuesday and beat me up like really bad that the security men had to Interfere..what did I do?.. I forgot to tell him I was going out the night before and a friend of his saw me at the club.

Its sad cos every time he’s always apologizing and promising to stop, my parents know him but they don’t know about the beating part.

We were out on a date last night & he proposed to me ..I was confused. I had to return the ring n tell him i have to think about it.

My friends have been discouraging me claiming he would never change ..he hasn’t hit me in like 2 months now but I’m scared.

What do you think I Should do ? pls

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