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Hey, I’m 22 & I Have Had Sex With About 15/16 Guys; Please Is That Bad? [Love, Sex & You]


Hey Guys,

I’m 22 Years Old my name is Cynthia. I am a Graduate awaiting NYSC.

There’s this guy i have been dating for about 2 months, some days ago he asked how many guys I have had sex with and i thot me lying would have been pointless so I told him the truth that i Started having sex when i was 14 and cos i have always looked way older than my actual age i have had sex with a total of 15 guys ..+ him 16.

When i was done explaining everything to him he started acting funny and yesterday he told me he was longer interested in the relationship.

Its not like i have done anything with anyone since we hooked up or anything.

Or please is the fact that I have had sex with that number of guys a bad thing? bad enough for him to end the relationship like that???

I’m confused ..

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