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[CAMPUS HEAT] PICTURES: 2014′s Hottest Freshers in Afe Babalola University #ABUAD


Posted June 6, 2014 by

Welcome To Campus Heat‘s Official List of Hottest Freshers in Afe Babalola University ..2014 Edition!

The List was compiled by Pexxie [Instagram: KingPexxie | Twitter: @Pexxie ].

Criteria: Looks, Reputation, Dress Sense and other Socially Important Features!

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– Kevin Raymond [Instagram: @iRaymondiv | Twitter: @LifeOfRaymond_ ] – Media & Communications

Kevin Raymond-001

– Tosin [Instagram: @LongliveTosin | Twitter: @Lino_Brown10 ] – – Engineering


– Isaac Peters [Instagram: @Isaac_peters ] – International Relations

Isaac Peters (1)-001

– Raphael Esu [Instagram: @Ralph_Edd | Twitter: @raphaelEsu ] – Law

Rapheal Esu-001

– Arinze Esomonu [Instagram: hi_arinze | Twitter: @Kid_Burna ] – Mechatronics

Arinze Esomonu-001

– Udeme Umoh [Instagram/Twitter: @Udeme_U ] – Economics

Udeme Udoh-001

– Obi Ubani [Instagram: Obiiubani ] – Law

Obi Ubani-001

– Ayomide [Instagram/Twitter: @SuperiorAyo ] – Engineering

Ayomide (1)-001

– Femi [Instagram: @MideAlonge ]

Mide Alonge-001

– Bode Owoseni [Instagram: OwoshBode ] – Economics



– Christie Bassey [Instagram/Twitter: @xtiebee ] – Medicine

Christie Bassey-001

– Brenda Adehi [Instagram: Brenda_Adehi ] – Economics

Brenda Adehi-001

– Tokunbo Kila [Instagram: @Ms_Khilar | Twitter: @Bosslady_khilar ] – Engineering

Tokunbo Kila-001

– Anita Eluwa [Instagram: @Anita_Eluwa | Twitter: @Aneetarh_ ] – Computer Science

Anita Eluwa-001

– AdeJoke Deborah [Instagram: @Tifffs__ | Twitter: Maadame__ ]

Adejoke Tiffany-001

– Tracy Asiafa [Instagram: @Tracy_Asiafa | Twitter: @Tracyyy__ ] – Human Nutrition

Tracy Asiafa-001


– Ada Dooshima [Instagram: @Mz_Dooshima ] – Media

Ada Dooshima-002

– Sir Su [Instagram: _THABLVCKQUEEN ] – Law

sir su-001

– Dunni Akinola [Instagram: @iam_dunni | Twitter: @StfuIzDunni_ ] – Media & Communication


– Alexis Ita [Instagram: @Alexxis_e | @Alexis__ita ] – Tourism

Alexis Ita

::: What Do You Guys Think About The List??

– Who Should Be There? || Who Shouldn’t ?

– Who’s The Hottest/Coldest?

– Whose Picture Made The Most Sense? … e.t.c Leave A Comment Below!


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    Bad bitch Joke!!! Just Gangster


      U bitch after u misbehaved and u were expelled in babcock 4 ur slotish behaviour and u came here 2 become worse. My advise 4 u is 2 behave and cool down + u are not hot + ur 2500(naira) handbag…..


        I don’t understand..What is your business with her handbag? Abii Are you a stalker? Try and get a life ehn.. don’t hate


    Wotz up wit doz guys pix. Tosin, issac, femi and bode should get d hell out of dat place…d fuck


    The struggle is real mehn…Dunni the struggle gal*irritated*


    Muah to tobi……eww Dunni! U craved nd struggled *disgusted* Kevin wassap with d up ass* bring it down. Nd make ur gp handsome. Olodo. S/o to tokunbo, alexis, nd odas…eww to ada. ugly fowl. U better go nd marry, nd stop wasting ur money in school. Eh eh where is Sharon adumo something?…..mtchew am tired. U pple sef!


    OMG dunni uggh…ewwww if dunni is here dt means there are no hot ppl in abuad bcus u hv startd rolling wit 300 level bitches…..u’v forgtn wt mama tld you yh? Creepy slut


    Y are u all like dis na u shudnt act like dis can’t abuad student act cool 1nz look at other univ………… When dey post der own hottest fresher dey don’t go around insulting dos wu der names and pix are posted well I love dis new list because some new nd fresh faces are der. Dis is totally nice


    Dope list tho..the girls are cool but who the fuck is ubani?


    Same old shit again… V neva seen dat femi nd tosin b4 oooo,hw r dey hot biko nd congrats christie,uv finally struggled ur way here nd joke,uv slept ur way here…ubani? Ur kidding ryt?? I wonder hu compiled dis list

    There is GOD ooooo

    Chai! Chai!! Chai!!! There is GOD oooooo


    Abeg who compile dis list.who be that femi guy abeg. who de deceieve u say u de dog. TOkunbo, abeg go burrow shoes frm ur elder sis, dat shoe b lyk wetin ss1 student dey where.Anita, hmm fweshn buh u seriously need to burrow some ass. Ada, no decieve urself, U UGLY DIE..


    Please where is fiora

    sultan oke guliano

    @Tifffany joke “madaame”. Why is ayo_clones spreading rumours that you stole his phone , please get at me once you get this message , I don’t appreciate the fact that he is spoiling your name here in babcock


    I beg y’all, stop picking on Joke. Everyone has made mistakes in the past and even though not public, we won’t like if people constantly teased us about it. Like it or not, Joke is actually a good dresser . I don’t mean to stir up any trouble; I’m just saying what y’all innately know


    I love u Bode


    Tbh this list was based on the peeps pexxie himself knows. Everyone know that there r peeps that r fresher than the ones u put here. I ain’t gonna judge no one Buh AYO? Seriously?


    Sultan baby please Don’t pay ayo clones no mind he dashed me the phone he’s only Angry because I didn’t allow him to finger me like he asked me to do , and you all condenming me are just jealous of the fact that you didn’t get a taste of my Vagina , Pained niggas

    fuck all ada haters

    Lol..people be hating on this ada girl unnecessary..cus she doesn’t talk to.all u childish fools,u all now calling her ugly.. lol.. whats ur business if she’s married or not. U will remain unmarried for d rest of ur life.. the babe doesn’t give fuck about this damn list or any list at all. Stop wasting ur time making silly comments abeg

    me me

    So we are back to dz old shit… How come ada is on dz list? Lol..she will be mad as fuck when she sees this… @dunni sure u will dance azonto today. Ur not ashamed,tryna be hot by force!


    Joke the Dumb list…so after onome and hawa must have licked all d ass’s dey wanted to,dey still dint make d list..rubbish… dunni,pllllllsssssssss…


    The hustle just got real fellas!!! All of u saying trash about ada should pls gather liver and say it to her face.lets see if ur teeths will b complete after talking.. its on social network u guys will open mouth nd talk rubbish.. nd wtf is dunni doing in dz list..with her 500n cloths..hoe hoe hoe


    I really don’t know why you niggas are pained. The fact still remains they are the hottest freshers. And please let joke be mehn,let her past be a lot of you have a lot in your cupboard. the girl is hot fact is fact and how is it anybodys business if ada is married or not a lot of you are just moping because your names aren’t here. Fiora and sharon get over yourselves you guys are not hot. Kapish. And just so you guys know alll the girls that their names are there both joke ada duni tokunbo christie their names are not leaving here for over a year so get it into your skulls. The girls on the list you guys made me happy. Love you guys especially joke tokunbo and christie

    spoken words

    Lol..this list just made my day..*pulling my sit and grabbing a drink and pop corn* first, Ada is d most mature babe on this list. Get over ur selves and stop considering her as a fresher. Second.. dunni is jst some Lil hoe craving attention and she’s got it. Third,joke has made her mark so give her a break. Fourth..tracy,get a life. Fifth. Sharon,ur case should be studied,atleast ur long lights kissing nd getting ur ass touched by isaac nd his frnds final made a way for u nd lastly, this Kelvin dude deserves to b here,atleast hes got one of d hottest prostitute as a girl friend..


      Sickest comment here…makes a whole lotta sense. Thumbs up “spoken words” hahahaha specially the Kevin part.


    ubaaaannnniiiiiiiiiiiii obiiiii oooooo…. uv killed me… lmmmaaaoooo.. whoever made dis list has done the worst thing on eath… the boy head don dey swell sef, abeg ubani calm down o… ur not hot, dey decieve people with one fake ass accent…. take ur time… ill slap u if i see u…#painednigga…

    truestory bitch...

    Please the list is chilled to me.. Dunni, ada, joke have made the list..if you have personal issues with them don’t come and display it on a social network.. Data not mature.. And kembrly or shit you call yourself….I know you want the 500 hundred cloth come and ask dunni she will give… Goat

    I jst dey observe

    So ubani is nau hot ehn???? Na wa ooooooo

    name me

    Pained niggas, pained bitches. soar taste. Go ada, go ada, go everyone. Lol

    michael 5

    You calling someone’s woman prostitute, that’s d same way someone called yo mama prostitute so I guess u knw d feeling @spoken words. U all talking trash about dz babe ada being old nd ugly nd married whn ur sisters will see her pictures nd swear they’ll lick her feet just be b noticed..lets see if ya’ll gonna b married by d time ya’ll 50*idiots*. You sit and judge joke, ur kids gonna have 6 abortions before they turn 18. U call dunni names, u all will be hopeless for quite a while. You talk trash about isaac, God’s blessings won’t get to u. Bottom line, dont judge others when ur life is equally a mess. No one’s perfect nd u ain’t God to judge. Everyone is special in their own way nd hot in their own minds. Stop hating!


    Just stop hating y’ll…deir names will rock dis plc fr a yr..kapish#


    Where is that sonia dat can wound hersef wt


    Congrats to all my niggurs nd pretty ladies on d list!!! Funny comments all d way, IMPRESSIVE!! Smh… Alexis thumbsup to ya… Isaac u always KEEP IT REAL!! Something I know for sure is dat ‘if nobody talks abt u dn u re no one’ joke CONGRATS!!


    I want to know if ada media has a gf or a man in her life. I’m only 19 and I know she’s older but then age is nothing but I number. I might not be her spec, her age or older but i’ll love her and make her feel like she’s a baby. I’ve been admiring her from afar. I see her with dunni or that onome girl and all I do is stare till she passes by.. dark smooth skin,tinny lips,long legs for days. I bet she’s in love with you mz Dooshima Ada of media.. please reply.. I will disturb and disturb till u notice me


    Ada baby..pls reply. Everyone, If u are ada’s friend. Please beg her to reply or show this to her incase she’s not seen it yet.. I love u baby


    @chris.. Ada is too clean of a babe to notice you or give u attention. You simply a tasty nigga. Someone who doesn’t evn talk to her classmates, u think she’ll pay attention to this you unanswered prayers. Since u know her friends, y don’t u met them for help and stop stressing our eyes here. No dey embarrass ursef here abe

    junior kenz

    Mehn lekan,shut ur trap of a mouth. Don’t you know what a crush is? Pained soul. Chris,go get your woman.. I feel u man.. if she doesn’t notice u in real life,she’ll notice u in your dreams.


    Onome.. I saw u yesterday with the woman of my dreams.. u girls had just left college2,so I followed u two to college1 and I wish I never did. D way ada hugged isaac really broken me into two. Please, are they more than friends? Because I noticed he walked her out.. I really love u not stalking u or anything,i just wanted to hear ur.voice as it keeps me going


    Chris man! U make me want to love. And ada and isaac are not dating. I think they are just good friends because I too have see them a couple of times. Just walk up to her and talk to her,she doesn’t bite


    Erhn boh this femi guy doesn’t deserve to be here na, and fiora even though not here is finer than all the girls here…. tosin ???? Lmaoooo


    My best dressed females are Ada and Christie.. these girls define classy and sexy,womanhood unlike dunni who speaks trashy and slotty…we boys know what we want,we want a woman who’s got her priorities set.. and ada,,christie and kila know what that is.. nice one ladies..


    Precious okeme in law deserves to be on that list, what’s sir su doing there, she is not anyway close to being social, precious is beautiful and social and where is Fiora lmao

    dont kill my Vibe

    I like the fact that this list speaks volumes. Its got there right people on the list.. kelvin,isaac,bode,joke,ada,alexis,christie.. this people ain’t only hot but really social and they are game players. A Lot of them like joke might have lost her respect along d way but it doesn’t change the fact that some people still think she’s hot. I will disagree on dunni here,that girl is simply a razz bitch trying so hard to fit in. With her insecurity problem,she’ll do anything to b noticed. U dance like a horny toute at parties, u talk trash about your friends behind their back and u desperately beg for people’s sympathy. News Flash Cheap whore.. u ain’t hot, pexxie is your friend and thought it wise to have u on this list. With all the cloths you borrow from onome and other girls to feel gud. If you think for once that we niggas like u, u must be high on cheap postinor2 or fake rochi..Get a life before its too damn late for u


    Sir_su is d best.


    Whr is my baby? Adunmo sharie

    bells dude

    alexis… d name…love d face………afe haters errwhere…jelos dey didnt make….list aint bad atall…female list nat bad…d guys,nahh


    Lol at the list with all the hypes about abuad from my friend Gattuso(most popular male 2012 or so)

    Bu observer

    Lol. Think the list isn’t so bad and y’all in aubad are pretty mature about it. *big hugs* my homie Ralphael and as for joke….. Well I guess ‘skrep’ is the new hot and as for being a good dresser, I think that compliment should go to the people she borrows the clothes from. Love the guys on the list tho. The girls are cute too.


    Wow. Ada is simply classy. I love her much.. and alexis too.. this list ain’t bad tho


    All the peeps on the list are cool. Go Alexis dearie. For all those hating and insulting, yhur only pained niggas and nigresses cos they made it and yhu didn’t. Joke, Ada, Dunni, Obi and anyone else stroked please pay them no mind. Just try to make straight yhur rough old ways. If yhu have any problem with anyone, go tell them to their faces and see if yhu don’t get a black eye. Congrats hottiies!! Keep on keeping it real


    Let’s get something straight here….this is just a list….and a good one too… all you haters that are trash talking and trying to disgrace others are simply disgracing yourselves…..if your not on the list that doesn’t mean your not hot….or sexy….or something……dont hate on others to make yourself feel better….by the way trash talkers pls put your names if your not ashamed or afraid…..i don’t like some people on this list but I don’t go around trash talking.


    y arent you doing for redeemers


    Well, haters will hate, lovers will love but it still doesn’t change a thing. I’m glad I’m not here though


    Wow!. This is just so amusing. The way you people have so much hatred for each other. The people on this list are just so wonderful even for the fact that I barely know all of them personally. I see no reason why you should drop nasty comments about them. These are just signs that you are immature and don’t want to grow up, I mean it’s just so wrong. Whatever the person or persons that you just cursed must have done, doesn’t give you the right to make such comments about them. ARE YOU PERFECT or imagine if you where on the list. Am sure yours would have been worse. If they are seeking attention as you claimed, let them be. Pride goes before a fall ( to all of you). Whether dey put on a tank full of make-up or buy clothes worth #500 naira or the person is a THOT( as you claim) doesn’t warrant these ridiculous comments or do you think you don’t have flaws. Love your enemies. I am not preaching but saying the fact. Even I am not perfect. Biko let’s be positive. But sha this list na crap LOL joking. Crap or no crap let’s be matured, if you don’t like the person’s behaviour walk up to them and tell them in a politefull way. Some of you can’t even say these insults to their face. Even if you can it’s just so wrong.

    Felix Covenant University

    You Guys lack dress sense. Strictly from a Covenant University perspective.


    See mumu ‘felix’ or wateva…u wan con show shey??? go suck ur v.c’s dick


    @felix the fucking covenant university u imbercile u geh sense abi wetin . did we beg u to come nd view our own ,busy body ,ode, dey dere don’t focus on how wugly ur boys r be luking at dressing dat we still beat u @ ode!!!!! am sure u pple went to shop at bend down select now ur coming to feel hot ode!,dog,beast, infact pls send ur picture lemme finish you! nonsense


    Damn! Afe university 100 level boys are dead AF tho. No lie

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