Tell us about yourself (Real Name, Age, Educational Status….etc)??

Ans: Ayodeji Balogun. 19yrs old. I’m a student of Leads City University, studying Business Administration and I’m in my 1st year.

What’s the IDEA behind the name “Wizkid”?

Ans: Got it from a funny and rather private incident, it started off a tease but then it stuck as a nickname. It defines me as a musical genius, a whiz kid…lol

How long have you been on the music scene? + How’s it been?

Ans: I have been on the music scene for a while, for about 8 yrs. Started performing in church. It’s been rough here and there but I give glory to God for bringing me this far and for the grace to do more.

Do you write your own songs?

Ans: Yes I write all my songs…that’s God’s gift to me.

What are your songs about?

Ans: My songs are simply about what and how I feel. It can be about anything really, it’s all about what inspires me at the point when I’m writing.

Who or What inspires you?

Ans: Everything around me inspires me; school, church, the studio, a party or a person (A…I just let it flow.

What record label are you?

Ans: Empire Mates Entertainment (EME)

How do you rate your live performance ability?

Ans: Anytime I perform, I don’t force it. I just let it come to me. I just make it timeless, something worth talking about for years

Are you in a relationship?

Ans: I am single

Any shows your fans should look forward to?

Ans: Just look out, you will see me perform more often in weeks to come.

Any albums coming up soon?

Ans: Working on my singles. My album is a lot of work so I’m taking my

time to get it right.

Your advice for the upcoming artists?

Ans: Just stay focused and do what you love; make sure you put God first in all you do.

Here are some of Wizkids Songs:

(1.) Holla at your boy

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(2.) Banky W feat Wizkid – Omoge You Too Much

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