Tell us about yourself (Real Name, Age, Educational Status….etc)??

Ans: Chijioke Onuoha…

University of Lagos….

M studying Political Science!!!

What’s the IDEA behind the name “C-jay” ?

Ans: Just two letters from my first name “Chijioke” but the names really Chronic-Jay

How long have you been on the music scene? + How’s it been?

Ans: Hmm….Let’s say 6 years…yeah 6 years

Mehn…the roads been really rough n rocky, but Thank God we moving forward.

Do you write your own songs?

Ans: Yes Of course and I even write for people, but most of my songs are freestyles!!!

What are your songs about?

Ans: Well, my songs talk about ME basically, my environment, reality, situations, love

Who or What inspires you?

Ans: For who inspires me….its Jay Z n Lil Wayne

Then, for what inspires me…its my environment, situation around me, experiences.

What record label are you?

Ans: I am Freelance right now….

Thinking of starting my own record label very soon!

There’s a GIST going around that you were recently having issues with “Mono Records”….is that true?

Ans: Yes, We are actually having issues right now cos…

1. They were not business minded.

2. All they wanted was to use me to build themselves up!

3. They are focused on the enjoyment and Lavishness of the Entertainment Industry instead of focusing on us producing one of the best rap albums NIGERIA has ever had!

What are your long-term career goals?

Ans: Hmm…I want to be recognized as one of the top hip-hop heads in Nigeria and to also own my record label!

How do you rate your live performance ability?


How you coping with the LADIES?

Ans: Aaaaah…..Its not easy at alllll!!!!!!

Aaaaah….they all over me oooO!

Somehow I manage to keep them at bay cos it aint ma focus right now!!!

Are you in a relationship?

Ans: YES!!!!

With who??????

Ans: Nah I ain’t saying shit!…I love to keep ma p private!!!!

Any shows your fans should look forward to?

Ans: For now, no shows yet!…cos am very BUSY!

Any albums coming up soon?

Ans: Yeah….am dropping a mix tape and an album this year!

Mix Tape names : REHAB n yall should watch out cos its very sick!

Favorite Quote:

Ans: I’ve got 2 favorite quotes actually

First is:

“I Stay always on my grind, My Focus always on my mind….

I did that and look where it got me

I am the best of my kind”

Ma Second Favorite quote focuses on the Tattoo on my Left hand!

” Truth be told…..Life is short, So live your life to the fullest, enjoy yourself….but fear GOD!

Do you believe in GOD?

Ans: If there’s one, I Believe

Your advice for the upcoming artists?

Ans: My Fav. Quote is the ADVICE!!!!

Its your boy C 2 d Jay….No need for IDs…. C-Jay!!!!

Listen to “ENTER – C-JAY feat TERRY-G” below

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