Mavin Records CEO.. Don Jazzy was recently in an Interview with leading Newspaper PunchNg.

They spoke on his Love Life, Marriage, the Kind of Girls he likes & more.

Interview Below

“I’m single because I’ve not found the woman that my spirit agrees with.

I was once married in the United Kingdom, but it was short lived. The union produced a son named after me.

I don’t want to experience a collapsed marriage again. That is why I am taking my time, working and praying for a soul mate,” he says.

But What Does He Really Find Attractive in a Woman?

“The way she looks, talks and how she carries herself.

With due respect to slim ladies, there is no way any lady shaped like a broom can attract my full attention. I’m sorry but that’s the truth.

“My ideal woman must be God-fearing. She must have all the basic curves in the right places.

The rounder and bigger her chest and backside, the better,” he says.

Credits: PunchNg


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