Recently, Chocolate City’s Ice Prince Zamani had an expository Interview with BellaNaija and they spoke on basically everything about the Oleku rapper.

We’ve Some Excerpts From The Interview Below …

– What were your dreams when you started out in your music career and are you living your dreams now?

I think I’m even living more than my dreams. When I started music, my short term plan was to be MI’s boy, that guy that just follows MI. Luckily for me, I’ve been able to create my own lane even off of MI so it doesn’t look like I’m MI’s shadow. Now that I’m here, I have bigger dreams, I want to take my music to the world stage but I’m comfortable where I am.

Most people know you as a star but I’m sure you have a story behind how you got to where you are now. Take me back to the beginning. What is your story?

I started out in Jos in a group called ECOMOG squad. We used to rap and sing together. The group split up after a few years and after that, I joined the choir in my church and started singing Tenor. That was about the time MI moved back to Nigeria and we became friends, we became family, we started living together, started making music together. I had a song that made it to Number 1 in Jos, that was when I started getting more attention. Then I got admitted into University of Jos to study Zoology but then I couldn’t really continue because of some financial constraint at the time.

– What is a typical day like in the life of Ice Prince?

When I’m not doing a show or a studio session, I wake up in the morning, brush my teeth, have my bath, have breakfast, open my email, have a meeting with my manager and we talk about what I’m supposed to do that day. Then I’d probably go to the studio, listen to the stuff I recorded the night before in my little home studio or listen to beats and see what I can work with. I’d probably go see a friend, or go to MI or Jesse’s house to make noise, eat some lunch, call some girls, go on Twitter, watch TV.

News went viral some months ago that you had a baby boy with a certain 20 year-old lady but there were varied versions of this news. What is the real thing?

It is true. I have a son, his name is Jamal. He is four months old now.

– What is the relationship like between you and the mother of your child now?

We keep a healthy relationship. We’re cool, we’re friends, we still hang out.

– What new projects are you working on and what should we be expecting from you in the near future?

I’m working on more music, there’s more Ice Prince tours coming up. I’m going back to London before the end of this month for a show. Then I’m going to the states for a tour with Live Nation and then my own personal tour. I should be putting out new music in the month of August.

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