Empire Mates Entertainment Boss.. Banky W recently was in an interview with TheNetNg and they spoke on basically everything about the Yes No crooner.

Excerpts From The Interview Below ..

When Does Bankole (Banky W) Spend Time With His Family?

It is fun to stay with them, but I’m busy and I try like every two years to spend time with them.

It’s sort of difficult because they don’t stay in the country, so I only get to see them when I travel to the States.

We’ve Heard About Your Cooking Skills, Where Did You Get Them From?

I love food, my love for it is immeasurable, and because of that, I get angry when I don’t get the right kind of food that I want.

So I just felt like I could do this cooking thing myself and started looking at recipes on TV, on the web, and then just started cooking!

I never really took it serious, but while we were on tour I started; Wizzy and Skales would eat every meal and give their opinion (Laughs).

Now I want to open a specific type of restaurant where I will cook once in a week for the customers and sing for them, give them a music-food experience; it’s a legitimate passion in me.

When Are You Going To Let A Woman Do The Cooking For You Though?

That’s funny, because some weeks back my dad came into the country to take care of some of his business and was staying with me. I cooked for him and my uncle, and they were surprised it tasted that good. ‘But that doesn’t mean you should not go and get a wife’, he still added. (laughs) I think marriage is one of the most important things or decisions to make in life. It’s something that can help make or break you, and I feel it is important to do it when you feel the time is right and you’ve found the right person, and that’s really a challenge, a challenge of being in the right place yourself. I feel if I rush and it fails, people will criticize me, so why not just take my time and do it when I feel like it is right?

You Can Check The Full Interview Out HERE !


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