Iyanya (2013)

We all know the Kukere hit-maker Iyanya has been in the news recently for all sorts of things.

Well, he spoke on basically everything in a recent interview with BellaNaija.

Excerpts From The Interview Below!

– What is the meaning of Kukere?

It means: don’t worry, don’t think.

– Kukere became even more accepted when you did a remix with D’Banj. Why did you choose him to remix that track with you and what was it like working with D’Banj?

I chose D’Banj because for me he is my role model right now. D’Banj has proven that Nigerians can rule the world.

I travel out and I see the impact that he has all over the world; I’m not just saying London or America but everywhere. D’Banj is a big brand. Working with him has not been as hard as people think it would be.

As big as he is, he is very willing to listen to me. Everything that he did on the track, he wanted to have my own opinion, he wanted me to be comfortable with it.

Working with him was a blessing and it really showed me a whole lot of things.

– Some weeks ago, Ghanaian actress Yvonne Nelson tweeted about someone who cheated on her adding that she had broken up her relationship with the person. It was reported on several platforms that you were the one she was referring to. Is that true? 

She didn’t mention my name so I don’t know anything about it. I’ve never told anyone that I was dating anybody.

Whatever you are hearing out there, you didn’t hear from me so I have nothing to do with anything that is happening.

– The media speculation of you being in a relationship with Yvonne was triggered by certain events. You’ve been seen around town with her and you used her name in one of your songs to mention a few.

I’m cool with Yvonne.

Apart from the fact that I mentioned her name in my song, she is a wonderful person. She is one of the nicest, coolest people that I know. The same with Tonto.

They are two people I respect a lot. I appreciate their hardwork and they are doing very well in their field.

– Around that period, someone tweeted at you saying “You must be a fool for dumping Yvonne for Tonto” and your reply was “thanks”. It sort of implies that the person was right.

No, it didn’t imply that the person was right. It is unfortunate that whoever the person was does not even know the truth of the situation.

Most of the people on Twitter don’t know the truth about things they hear. I just said “thanks” because I felt like “why would somebody say something like this when the person does not even know the truth?”

It just means the person has so much pain so instead of me to start a fight with the person, I had to thank him or her.

It could just be us having fun. It could just be the media having fun. Everything happening right now could just be a lie.

Tell me about your upcoming album and when would it be released?
It’s called Iyanya Versus Desire and it should be out in March 2013. Iyanya is the guy you guys have made, the Kukere guy. Desire is the R&B guy.

I’ve got a lot of songs recorded already. I’ve been working for the last one year.

After Kukere, I realized that if I don’t put in the work, people would call me a one-hit wonder. I have a song with M.I, a song with Flavour and a whole lot more.

You Can View The Full Interview HERE !


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