Campus Heat: Tell us about yourself (Real Name, Age, Educational Status…etc)??

Skales: My Name is John Raoul Njeng-Njeng, I was born on the 1st of April 1991 and I am from am from Edo state.
I am a student of Lead City University and currently I am studying Office Management and Technology.

Campus Heat: Where did the name “SKALES” come from ???

Skales: The Name “SKALES” are Acronyms that represent “Sick-Knowledge-Acquired-Large-Entrepreneural-Skillz”

Campus Heat: How long have you been in the Entertainment Scene and How has it been?

Skales: I have been in the Entertainment Scene for 3 Years now and its been great for me.

Campus Heat: What Genre of Music are you into?

Skales: Hip-Hop

Campus Heat: Do you write your songs yourself?

Skales: Yup, I am a Song Writer and of course I write all ma songs.

Campus Heat: What Record Label are you currently signed to?

Skales: I am currently signed to Empire Mates Entertainment.

Campus Heat: Who and What inspired you to do Music?

Skales: My Love for Music from the scratch inspired me 2 do music.

Campus Heat: How do you cope with the LADIES???

Skales: Uhmm….I love them all…

Campus Heat: Where do you see the Nigerian Entertainment Industry in the next 5 years?

Skales: In the next 5 Years I see the Nigerian Entertainment Industry as a globally respected one.

Campus Heat: Any Shows your Fans should look up to?

Skales: I have got lots of them coming up, please Follow my Fan Page on Facebook “SKALES” for Information

Twitter: ( @Youngskales )

You Can Download Some of Skales Songs below:
Be Mine – Download Here
Heading For A Grammy – Download Here
Wizkid & Skales – Ori Mi –> Download Here


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