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So I did a bit of research and I got some concrete info from “very reliable sources”.

This conversation was recorded a couple of weeks ago while Dr SID was in South Africa for a show.

Davido and his crew had just wrapped up their concert in Botswana so they headed for a quick stop in S.A, and were lodged in the same hotel.

Long story short, they got into a D’Banj argument (several people were in the hotel room), and a guy known as EVIL (one of D’Banj’s PA and old friend of Dr SID) recorded the conversation.

It was NOT Davido, even though he sounded closer to the device.

Apparently what you’ve all heard is far from being the whole conversation.

BUT… what you hear is the carefully edited part where Dr SID made those controversial comments.

Are we ever going to hear the full thing?? I strongly doubt it. At least we now know who recorded the convo.

However, what I can’t tell you for sure is who sent it to a media house.

This is me potentially getting myself into trouble. But I know say una like gist. So enjoy!


We witnessed the split of the then strongest music label in AfricaMo’Hits Records.

The group fell apart and not long after .. Don Jazzy and D’Banj came up with new labels, Mavin Records and DB Records, respectively.

However, a controversial conversation about D’Banj between Dr SiD and Davido which was allegedly recorded secretly without their knowledge has been leaked and its quite revealing.

View Excerpts From The Conversation Below!

Part 1

Dr Sid: Why don’t they know my name?

Because your brand and your star is too much – it is overshadowing”

“Davido: Guuuy, it’s not that!

D’banj can help everybody!!! If Lil Wayne call me ..I go go meet Lil Wayne now!

If not for D’banj nobody would have looked at Wande like that, I dey lie? i dey lie?!!

Men, I don’t know”, Davido replied!

Part 2

“Dr Sid: Understand what I’m saying!

Batman and Robin, who them dey call? Na D’banj na.

But we dey do show with Mo’Hits exposure.

Background Voice: D’Banj & Mo’Hits exposure

But D’banj did more negative than positive for my career”. Dr SiD added

The Conversation [Part 1] – Download Here

The Conversation [Part 2] – Download Here


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