Chelsea star Willian has used the international break to visit his mum in hospital.

The Brazilian midfielder posted the below photo to Instagram last night, along with a lengthy and emotional caption in Portuguese.

Willian’s message said that he had spent all day next to “this warrior”, revealing that she had undergone surgery on her head and chemotherapy sessions.

He also expresses frustration that he has to be so far away in England while his mother goes through this battle.

“Today was the day to visit and spend all day next to this warrior. It’s been two and a half much struggle, surgery on the head, chemotherapy sessions and hospitalizations are not easy, but you are being very strong. And it is this strength that I have sought every day when I get up to work. Follow that their battle from afar, was not what I wanted and if I could would be twenty-four hours at your side giving you all the love, affection and power to get you out of this, but unfortunately my profession does not allow me. It’s been challenging, but with faith in God everything will be fine and come back as it was before, because see you smile makes me happy and comforted my heart, let me quiet. Improves soon ?????? mother. Sorry for the rant, needed to put this out and somehow share with you, friends, family and fans of my work, that support me. Cheer for the recovery of my mother and pray for her. Just like any worker, famous or anonymous life has these things and this is the time that every professional athlete more would be an ordinary person. This is time that we just would like to be next to the one we love, but we can not, we have to keep working, smiling, treating all fans with the same care and respect as always. Heart, if you are with someone sick family, take care of that person, are beside giving all the support and necessary support, it makes a difference in the recovery of anyone who is at times like this. #Deusnocontrole #Deusdoimpossivel #eucreio # Jesuséacura # Jesuséavida # teamomãe ❤️?????”

Willian seems very emotional as he goes on to apologise for ‘ranting’, before asking his followers to pray for his mum.

This just goes to prove that they may be rich, but elite footballers are far from immune from the pain of real life.

Our prayers go out to Willian’s mother and family at this difficult time.

Credits: Caught Off Side


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