Miley Cyrus has becoming increasingly sexual in her performances and personal life.

She shared a photo earlier in the week with her 17.4 million Twitter followers of what initially looked like a mannequin’s hand.

As it turns out. it was actually a sex toy called “The Hand of Adonis.” It’s favored by women who like specific fetishes.

Picture Below ..

Check The Description of the Toy Below …

NOT for the faint of heart, the Hand of Adonis is a unique tool for size enthusiasts, or anyone interested in fisting.

The ultra realistic, 16 1/2 inch arm ends in a ‘duck bill’ positioned hand, with thick fingers for lots and lots of sensation.

The realistic feeling, SilAgel filled rubber material is firm, yet quite flexible, and able to bend and twist for the perfect fit inside.

It’s also anti-bacterial, non-toxic, and latex and cadmium free for safe enjoyment.

The Hand tool is very large, quite heavy, and so not well suited to beginners, but if you’re experienced with large sized toys, you’ll love it. Check out the Fist of Adonis too!

 Go Miley, Go Miley, GO!


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