Posted July 28, 2013 by Campus Heat in News

LOL! PICTURES: Kris Humphries Ex Myla Sinanaj To Release/Sell Sextape Kim K Style

If you want to be famous, make a sex tape.

Myla Sinanaj is taking a page out of the Farrah Abraham and Kim Kardashian‘s Play Book.

Kris Humphries‘ supposed ex-girlfriend loves the spotlight so much, she’s jumped into bed for money by making a sex tape!

Myla made a porn that will be released through Vivid,” a source told Radar Online.

It not like the tape got stolen or obtained, she was specifically paid to make for Vivid.”

According to TMZ, Sinanaj is reportedly hoping the film’s release will make her millions and score her a reality series.

Check Out Pictures of Her Below …



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