Thanks to the good folks over at PornHub and YouPorn who teamed up to analyze what body parts users tend to enjoy the most in their viewing habits.

America clearly has more interest in butts than b**** ..

But what about the rest of the world..?

At an initial glance, it seems as though bo0bs reign in the north in terms of preference, whereas butts are better-liked in the south.

Interestingly, virtually all of Africa, with the exception of Egypt, prefers backside-themed smut which is also the case in South America, save for Argentina where bo0bs top out for more related searches.

When divided on a continental level, it becomes a clear matter of East and West.

Chests are more lusted over in the East, with the exception of Africa where as posteriors are preferred in the West.

Lol In Conclusion ..Its This 





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