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Love, Sex & You: Guys, I Have A Major Crush on my Cousin & I Can’t Help It

Hey Guys,

My names Sandra. I’m in 200 Level; can’t reveal my school.

Anyway! I have a crush on my cousin. Like a serious one. 

He’s been away ..like out of the country for about 11 years which was the last time I saw him so I really couldn’t remember what he looked like or the kind of the person he is/was.

He & his parents are back in the country and they been staying in my house for like 3 weeks now.

I’m currently single and he’s like everything I’ve ever wanted in a man; We’re like the same height, he’s a year older, light skinned & a good Kisser P.s Yes we have kissed :(  & that’s the good part I think he feels the same.

I’ve not been able to take my mind off him. I don’t know what to do.

I’m sure dating him would cause a stare but having sex with him shouldn’t be so bad or what do you guys think?

People! Please Drop Your Solutions/Advice As Comments Below…

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