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BABCOCK: Pls I’m 18! Basically Every Boy I’ve Met Only Wants To Have Sex With Me..I Need Help [Love, Sex & You]

Simi ..I’m A Babcock Uni Student; I’m 18 Years Old.

I’ve a Problem! Please Help!

Basically Every boy I’ve come across wants to have Sex with me & I don’t want; I don’t understand why rather.

Its so bad that I’ve been considering deleting them off BBM [BlackBerry Messenger], But if I do I’d be left with like 5 People on my list.

A times, I wonder if “I’m Horny” or “Sex” is written on my forehead cos I’m honestly tired.

I’m not exactly on the HOT side – I’m Fat..not extremely fine..not so ugly either but… *sigh*

Please ..I need help ..I don’t even know if its that there’s something I’m doing wrong or maybe the sex is why I came to this world..I’m just fed up.

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