What is A Cypher? A Cypher is when Rappers Come Together To Showcase Their Skills Over A Continuous Beat.

Campus Heat in Collaboration With Phase Media Some Days Ago Gave You the 2013 UNILAG Cypher featuring 8 of UNILAG‘s Dopest Rappers.

They include: Ink Edwards,  Kehney, T13, Sketch, Deeva, Pryce Williams, Jigsaw & Sifer.

The Cypher was produced by Jigsaw ProductionsListen, Download & Check The Lyrics Out Below ..

[audio http://files.campusheathq.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/UNILAG-2013-Cypher-Campus-Heat.mp3]

UNILAG 2013 Cypher – Download Here


Welcome To The UNILAG Campus Heat Cypher ft. 8 DOPE Rappers From UNILAG – Enjoy!

Ink Edwards:

Its Ink
Alright, Who That Be That Nigga
Look @ Everything I Did Up
Imma Bla-Bla ..Bloody Problem
Look at Everything I Lit Up
I go Brap Brap on These Records
Imma Kill This For No Reason
All These Girls Want Conversation; Wish I Had The Time To Listen
She Like, Stop by Crib I Said What We Gon Do
She Said How Good is Your Math I Said WAEC B2
I Said That Don’t Mean Nothing Girl, Tell Me What it do
And She Texted Numbers ..30 + 37 + 2 ..Hold up!
Damn We Never Gonna Lose
I Ain’t Looking @ You Haters I’m Just Checking Out My Shoes
Omo Boys Be Like You Bad, You Too Bad I No Dey Wyne Sir
This Guy Dey Do Medley Still Come Here Come Dey Do Cypher
House on my Wrist, Man Wanna Diss
So They Be on That Really Ugly Kelly Hansome Shit
This Just The Start of It, I’m @ The Heart of It
This Niggas Sum’n Shit, I Swear I’m All Of It!


Emi lomo ton bo lati eko de saudi
Ti awon eyan ba ri mi nishe ni wan man salute mi
Wani kehney lomo awon eleyi wan classy
Awon omogen bayawo mi jo, omo dey wan snatch me
World famous wani ka bo lori cypher
Ole pemi vector cz shez choking on the viper
Shouts out si gunnerson, polymer, d guyz 4 jaja
Ati awon creamy chicken n chips babes ni makama
Shomo itumo no strangers omo kosa le jo
Agidi ko ni music swaga ni omo ko sariwo
Rap tiyi si street wise, reminisce deni shuga  man
Kehney lomo leyin e omo na you I look up and
Talo le funyin flows tio common
Boshe gbewa niyen ema binu mi o momo
Omolomo larin ota modabi jesu lori mic
Eyin ti eoni gbagbo e kunlé kajo gbadura


Knick Knack pat on the back
T13 homie you nigga’s is whack
No joking bwai I’m serious as black
Got that jenai se quoi that these niggas js lack
Yeah bwai look at me now
Why is u smiling bwai is you a clown
Osc boy I be holding it down
t13 the talk of the town
Ha-ter, why do you frown
Why the heartbreak when u hearing my sound
Such disgust cos I’m upward bound
Cos I’m on fire? like I’m loud on sound
Oh so still on the ground
Money to you is just a noun
Never seen it or heard the sound
Listen up son I’m the king that they crowned
So I think this producer’s high
And I think my new jordan’s fly
and I think that my chick is on top of her game so anything she want I’ll buy
Cos my hustle mood is inferno
And how much I made nigga ion know
Nigga touch my ish imma level you
Like dr phil to you
All you suckers aint scaring me
Why u is ..u be daring me
With the versatile flows I be killing them hoes js tell me in which gear to be
All these suckers aint gettin, me
Suckers can’t compare to me
Immortal flows its BRB on that tombstone if they bury me like whoa


Soon enough I’ll be the baddest dude you ever knew
I shine bright so fuck anything you wanna do
My time is on now I’m on one and my head can burn out your whole sun
Take a lesson from a sketch boy, on a 2-1 and still relevant now that is sketch boy
Mom always said, don’t play with fire, but she never said sketch mehn you can’t be the fire
Now aint no one balling hotter and better than me
No one that I know, xcept you talking bout byno
I don’t wanna stress it, I don’t need to stress it
Coz Ion sneeze on a track before God will bless It
I’m Nigerian but fuck it am american dream, I spend american green, I love american cream
My sound is so weak that he thought he could beat me coz he lives in surulere, I beat em in surulere
Bere lowo Ebere, me o ni time fun eniyan to sope o fe sere
I count my money, so I’m good at math
But I don’t socialize a lot you could check my Path


They call me Deeva,lady with the baddest flow,
call me Wonder Woman,
Your favourite rappers hero,
Hotter than the sahara,like the sun,watch me glow,
Speeding on the victory highway,these niggas damn slow,
Topping every opponent,nothing less than first place,this aint joker but I bet you I got the ace,
Better get a lawyer cos I best be d case,like a criminal I’m the rapper that they all chase,
I’m a legend in my prime call me Moremi these wannabees just trying to stop me,
I’m not a student so you don’t wanna test me,or you will have yourself to blame if you keep hatinng me,
So sound the alarm,tell the people heads up,      Tell the rappers still sleeping,Get your voltron up
You say that you are made,tell me more,educate me,
Or better still respect me,cos your teachers fear me,
You can call me Drake,cos they shoot and they miss me,
Flow so hard that the pros wanna diss me!


5 feet 7 but ma ego so big all dis rappers relegated cuz dey not in ma league
Nw im feelin so fly got d skys on me
Lik an apple product Nw i got dese eyes(i’s) on me
Growin up i knew dt music was was part of me
Now dese niggas tell me nigga uze a prodigy
Now they callin me cuz im ballin see….but wait – its P.R.Y.C.E
See im d missin part of this jigsaw puzzle, but dis kinda flow prolly leave a jigsaw puzzled…
And now i make rappers feel lik women, I call em pregnant rappers cuz dey turn like pussys wen they semen
So now Its Dr. Pryce giving rappers deir dose
They taking shots but u know me i just pose
They chicks come to me givn me x and o’s
But like mechanised farming me – I x these dese hoes
& I bet Dr. Dre & Timbaland couldn’t beat dis
National assembly flow i be reppin through ur speakers
Rappers are game n u kno me I’m jus hunting
They call me Pastor predator becuz i prey on em
Me and any rapper dat tlk shit gon be a beat down….
Cuz lik i stabilizer…i make a rapper stepdown…
And believe wen i say dis aint jus ordinary ryhmin
Got dat x factor got me feelin lik im simon
Whoeva told dese rappers dat deir g’s must b lying cuz im shockin these G’s n I call dat perfect timing – blaaaaah!!


Too many n*ggas in the booth, gotta dumb it down a lil’ bit … Fuck boys
Ayy, ayy, let it ride, uhn
Tipping maine I just passed ports with the plane tickets,
Catch me flying over cars like I’m Blake Giiffin,
Kill these rappers then watch em turn into ghost writers,
Forget about the countdowns, maine the flow timeless,
Back when I was studying criminal law,
Now I’m here killing rappers like a criminal law,
Ted Bundy on flow, no apologies they’re probably trying to fit in the picture damn ya’ll should doing photography,
What happens when Sifer’s on a cypher,
He drops that sick sh*t dropping dope rappers to dypers,
And air balloon n*ggas were thinking they’d breeze past me,
They stealing my style, forging the art, Neal Caffery,
See I didn’t even want to be on this list,
But its a write-off if I let my pen bleed on this sh*t,
I’m pulling strings, pinky rings,
Getting brain wonder what pinky think.


On to the next one..kill d beat like jigga
Jigsaw I got dat mortein for these fly niggaz…
Morefein for high niggaz…won’t stop till I’m richer
…in a league of my own..nigga I am my teacher
Who knew a bad seed…would grow a money tree
I produce that nectar…its attracting honeybees
Heard your laffin to the bank…can I know what’s funny please
All my bitches hella fresh…I’m not down with rottin ps…
Fuck a weak line…no reception
The thought really counts if moneys the intention
Niggaz claimin president…when was this election
Cuz I kno that I didn’t vote for recession
Only bad bitches can attend to my erection
Swagger got dat extra class avoidin detention
Niggaz steady dreamin…you call this inception..
Niggaz say they ballin…its more lyk a deflection
Its not dat easy runnin tracks with my boots on…
Cuz I’m on dat shit dat sherlock holmes has no clue on
Concerning my school work if you think I’m too dumb
I studied architecture and came out wit a 2’1…
So recognize I can design your streets….
I can design your house I can design your beats….
I can design a verse to make your song a hit…
And untop of that jigsaw on the mix nigga!…


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