I met Tee last week on my way strolling back to the hostel from an evening class.

I was listening to music from my beat headphones when this cool, good-looking dark skinned guy pulled up beside me in his shiny silver Mercedes Benz. He was just ogling my backside.

I wasn’t in the mood for any sort of conversation but my eyes sharply scanned from the navy blue alloy rims to his gold Rolex wrist watch and I quickly remembered my broken iPhone’s screen (this is surely my angel of blessing).

I decided to give the bobo an audience. (www.campusheathq.com)

Well, we got chatting, exchanged phone numbers and he dropped me off at my hostel.

I instantly changed my dp to the previous weekend at the beach. I was looking hot and sultry in an orange two piece bikini that showed my creamy skin and curvy figure to the fullest.

Fast forward to some days later, T calls and I’m sounding very low “baby what’s wrong” he chimes confidently and I reply faintly “my phone… It just dropped and it broke…”; The next thing is I’m sending my account no… Yaaaay!!! Phone screen replacement already.

The next day he calls me, we go out to see a movie and eat dinner at ocean basket.

Over the next few days Tee takes me on a series of exotic dates hoping to impress the ‘sweet hot cookie’ out of the jar not knowing i had other plans.  (www.campusheathq.com)

We’re getting cooler with each day, texting and face timing all the time, thanks to the smile broadband he gifted me after I complained of my data balance.

The next weekend, I was just lying down scrolling through twitter and Tee calls, he wants us to go clubbing.

We get to sip and we’re popping bottles on bottles. I look all dolled up like Kim giving Tee a hard time as i twerk on his laps.

By 3 am, he gets up and is ready to leave. “babe…. Lets go” he whispers in my ears. I look down at him giving him my killer baby face smile. “hmmn, the hostel gate doesn’t open till 5.”

We’ve gotten to an awkward point …. “I don’t mean school, my crib ” he mumbles.

“No dear, I harshly reply lets just take things easy.”

He looks at me in confusion. I just continued twerking… Hopefully he’ll fill his eyes enough and stop stressing me.

Well he accepted and dropped me off in school that morning. I thankfully gave him a full minute hug with neck kisses and uhmmings.

After the whole heat and cigarette smell from the club, my hair is due for change…I just put on my DP a picture of the virgin Cambodian weave that my friend Bisi has been tempting me with. Long story short – Tee bought me the weave.  (www.campusheathq.com)

The next time we hang out, he takes me to see a movie at the palms mall.

We got there like an hour before our movie started and had to grab a bite somewhere before heading back to the cinema hall.

The movie ended some minutes to midnight, it was already too late to go back to school.

Tee invited me to stay over at his place,when we reached his house, i showered and proceeded to sleep.

He layed down beside me and started to touch me, kissing and starting the works.

“Awwww tee, not today I’m on my period” (www.campusheathq.com) I shouted back at him stopping him abruptly as he tried to turn me over.

We slept in silence and he dropped me off in school without even giving me his usual ‘breakfast money’.

I made a mental note to avoid staying over at his house to avoid all these sort of confrontation as i wasn’t ready to commit.

But it happened that i went clubbing with my girls the next week and bumped into Tee.

It was so turnt that night and i ended up going home with tee. He even wasted no time getting physical, touching my laps from inside the car.

We even went to the bedroom immediately we got to his house.

He was all over me, kissing and touching, he started undressing me and as he was about to bury his head down South i told him i was on my period and even pulled out the tampon as proof. (www.campusheathq.com)

He was disappointed. “Fuck!!! Babes, you’re all games”, he shouted angrily.

“The last time you had an excuse, and you are on your period again, wassupp? Are you just taking me for a ride” he lamented loudly. Hitting his fist hard against the headboard in frustration.

My mouth opened in surprise but i couldn’t say anything.

I just bent my head and proceeded to give him the best head of his life, guiding his already hard… into my mouth.

He was hmm’n and aaahing!!! Not realising that shit has just got real, I …”/.

  • Written/Put Together By; @miss_ochuko

Full Story (Part 2).. Soon.


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