This is the Top Ten Sexiest African Men of 2009
As written by Shirlene Alusa Brown.

*Djebril Didier Zonga – Central African Republic

Now here is a fine man. A model who has been in several ad campaigns and in featured in many magazines, it is easy to see why he is one of the favorites.

*Timal – Moroccan-French

He is a feature model for ‘Sensitif’ magazine who transitioned from boxing to modelling. He is passionate about physical fitness and wants to become a professor of physical education. We are sure his class will be popular!

*Modu Seye – Senegal

Wow…..there isn’t much left to say. Great muscles, and fantastic eyes. Modu Seye is a hit on the runway and in several ad campaigns. Keep an eye out for this one. He’s HOT!!

*David Nso – Cameroon

My life experience has fueled my desire to accomplish a successful career in modeling and acting. The value attained from life’s challenges led me to my first photo shoot in early 2007. Since then I have appeared on various TV shows and an HBO original series program. “African Vibes” Magazine, “The Wire”, “Nordstrom Men’s Fall Collection; “Ugly Betty”, “Lipstick Jungle” “Damages”. Being sexy is one of the greatest tools in this trade.

*Tene Gaye – Mali

Tene Gaye is a Malian model who won the 2006 World Model competition. He has done an Armani fashion week and is quickly becoming a name to remember.

*Chris Attoh – Ghana

Now this is one guy we can take home to mama. But that look holds such promise! Chris Attoh is on M-Net’s popular television series, ‘Tinsel’.

*Kelenna Azubuike – Nigeria

Kelenna has those adorable eyes and some wonderful arms. An NBA player with the Golden State Warriors, he has an impressive record as an effective player who makes relevant plays. That’s sexy too!

*Chike Okeafor – Nigeria

This Arizona Cardinal is solid, rippling muscle. Definite eye-candy and very effective at his job.

*Kenna – Ethiopia

Kenna is a man dedicated to making a difference. He is currently planning to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania to raise money for charity. How sexy is that? He is also a great singer who is making inroads into the music industry with an innovative and unique style.

*Manuel Lopes Andrade a.k.a. Tcheka – Cape Verde

Tcheka uses traditional music styles combined with a batuku style of music that helps make his music intoxicatingly sensual. He’s easy on the eyes too…what a smile.

*Ali Kiba – Tanzania

This young Tanzanian crooner makes the ladies swoon with his music and lyrics. His youthful good looks, luscious lips and great physique have no doubt haunted many a young lady’s dreams.

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